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Kari Lebowitz

What is your favorite part of the job?

For me, the best part of working for Party Earth was being able to explore the city and discovering new places and neighborhoods I don’t usually go out to. With an eclectic list of venues, from dive bars to nightclubs, music venues to Happy Hour hot spots, meeting new people was always exciting and definitely memorable. The free drinks and cutting lines is a perk worth mentioning too.

Short Story/Anecdote from your time on the job:

Words cannot describe the look on my face the first time I walked out of Fast Eddie’s Sports and Billiards. Not having been to this place before, I assumed it was a typical sports bar in Downtown DC, good for Happy Hour and a few rounds of pool. I walked up to the third floor at 7:30pm on a Thursday, sat at the bar, and chatted with the bartender for a good hour or so. After jotting down some notes and taking a few pics, I went down to the second floor, where I was so graciously greeted by naked chicks. Yes, this “typical sports bar” was not so “typical” anymore since the waitresses strip down to nothing and dance around poles. Surprised as I was, I decided to stick around. A few more notes couldn’t hurt! Thank you Party Earth for pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone. It turned out to be quite an experience to say the least.

Which Party Earth reviewer(s) do you resemble most and why?

I’d say I’m a mix between Emma and Jonah. I love to dress up, so themes are always a plus, and I typically won’t pay a cover or stand in a line. I’m always up for trying new places and meeting new people. My Jonah side shows through my super laid-back personality and absolute love for live music.

What is your perfect day in Washington, DC? What are you doing and where are you going from morning to night?

My perfect day in DC would probably start with sleeping in. After rolling out of bed, hopefully before noon, I’d do brunch with friends on the patio of CIRCA at Dupont. After that, I’d metro over to Eastern Market and zigzag my way through the outdoor flea market and street vendors. I’d then go to the heart of DC, the National Mall, to lay out on my blanket and listen to my iPod for hours, if I have the time. Dinner at Birch & Barley and then out to New Vegas Lounge for some dancing to live jazz.

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