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Emma Snider



What is your favorite part of the job?

The Boston bar scene is expanding every day, and writing for Party Earth gives me an excuse to stay on top of the latest openings. It also helps me justify going out in the middle of the week (hey, I’m working).The occasional free drink doesn’t hurt, either.

Short Story/Anecdote from your time on the job:

I wasn’t able to get in contact with anyone at 28 Degrees to set up a time to meet for an interview. Finally, I decided to go in on a winter Sunday night, figuring business would be slow. The bar is on a sleepy residential street in the South End, so as I was approaching I was envisioning maybe a few regulars at the bar, the manager twiddling his thumbs – it would be no problem to ask someone a few questions. I opened the door and found myself in the middle of a drag show! The drag queen, decked out in a Santa outfit and belting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” actually snagged me with her boa and danced with me. What can you do in a situation like that except go with it?

Which Party Earth reviewer(s) do you resemble most and why?

Although I’d like to say Emma since she has such an awesome name, I’d have to go with Jonah. I like discovering diamonds in the rough – places that aren’t necessarily the prettiest or the most hyped up, but offer something truly unique.

What is your perfect day in Boston? What are you doing and where are you going from morning to night?

I’d start off in JP by taking a walk through the Arboretum. After a couple Absolut Boston and sodas at Brendan Behan’s Pub, I’d head downtown and grab lunch from one of the food trucks in Copley Square. Then I’d work my way towards the waterfront, stopping at the ICA to catch the latest exhibit, and afterwards stroll over to Drink, where I’d stay as long as my wallet would let me!

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