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Partying in Paris: Fun and Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the City

Sucking down bottles at Le Refuge des Fondus in Paris.

Sucking down bottles at Le Refuge des Fondus in Paris.


Favela Chic

Club / Restaurant

Favela Chic - Club | Restaurant in Paris.

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Jun 12, 2012 —  From the artists and attractions to the food and nightlife, Paris is a truly enchanting city whose creative and romantic energy is hard to resist.

The cultural offerings alone are simply breathtaking, with an endless supply of museums and Gothic cathedrals to marvel at.

And by night, all the casual bars and popular cocktail clubs in Bastille promise a great night of mingling and dancing among an eclectic party crowd.

But perhaps the most rewarding way to appreciate Paris is to simply grab a baguette and some brie, spend some time wandering through the narrow winding streets, and get to know the different people and places that make each neighborhood unique.

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Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
Anyone girl who goes to Le Refuge des Fondus should be prepared to be asked to walk on top of the table to get into the back bench. Think twice about wearing that skirt.
Alex K. Jul 26, 2012
You can also grab some food and have a picnic at the Eiffel Tower. The lights are so pretty at night!
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