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    Café Oz Châtelet - Bar in Paris.

    Party Earth Review Barhoppers who were expecting to find a yellow brick road here will be disappointed – in the case of Café Oz, the name refers to an affectionate nickname for Australia rather than to the land of lions, tigers, and bears – except maybe koala bears. In addition to the alligators that greet patrons at the door, the décor is ... more

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    Bistrot des Artistes - Bar in Paris.

    Party Earth Review Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Left Bank, Bistrot des Artistes is an informal and relaxed bar ideal for those looking to unwind with friends on a cold Parisian night. Although green spotlights – coupled with the spiky typeface of the bar’s sign – may give the façade a ghostly feel, any eerie sensibilities are lost ... more

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    Les Furieux - Bar in Paris.

    Party Earth Review Music lovers searching for a bit of badass rock and roll among the lounges of Paris will want to check out Les Furieux (The Furious), where thirsty hordes of long-hairs and punkers gather to pound cheap beer and flash their tattoos. Besides the constant fashion show provided by the pierced and leather-clad patrons, the ... more

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  • Bar / Club / Live Music Venue / Restaurant

    Bizz'art - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Paris.

    Party Earth Review Located along Canal St. Martin and once a British officers’ mess hall, Bizz’art is now a legendary nightspot where in-the-know music lovers go to listen to live music, guzzle spirits, and dance until the sun rises. Wood floors, white walls, and crystal chandeliers juxtaposed against the original rafters give the concert ... more

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  • Bar / Bistro

    La Cantoche Paname - Bar | Bistro in Paris.

    Party Earth Review The puckish air of a playroom meets serious food and drink at La Cantoche Paname, a hip Parisian bistro featuring walls covered in nostalgic kitsch, from mounted Nutella jars to the smiling visage of Kermit the Frog. Patrons can reminisce about grade school as they hopscotch in – yes, there’s a course drawn on the floor ... more

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  • Hotel / Hotel Bar / Lounge / Restaurant

    Hôtel Costes - Hotel | Hotel Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in Paris.

    Party Earth Review A convent turned stunning luxury hotel, restaurant, bar, florist, and perfume purveyor, Hôtel Costes is a go-to destination for the international elite and lots of pretty Parisians. The hotel’s discreet entrance is little more than a set of dark French doors, but the façade’s simplicity is quickly offset by the sumptuous ... more

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Ooh lala, Paris got syle! And this is definitely evident at the chic clubs on Rivoli and the dance floors of the Champs-Élysées. In fact, the bars and clubs in Paris cater to international celebrities, models, and jet-setters to create a highly exclusive nightlife scene.

Besides the larger upscale bars and clubs, there are many smaller but equally seductive boutique bars and luxurious lounges that provide a sexy yet laid-back atmosphere. However this shouldn’t imply Parisians can’t be casual; as such exclusivity hardly defines Paris’ elaborate nightlife options.

The hipster set floods the various electronic and break-beat clubs where DJs and dancing are the focal points, bohemians and artists gather at the smoky bars that populate the outskirts of town, while many expats, university students, travelers, and those simply in need of a relaxed evening fill the array of causal Paris bars and pubs, which often feature English-speaking staffs and patrons.

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