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Showing Off: The Show Palace is NY’s Hottest 18 and Over Destination

Showing Off: The Show Palace is NY’s Hottest 18 and Over Destination

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Apr 4, 2014 —  Hey there, all you 18 and up party people. Are you floundering around in that awkward, old-enough-to-go-to-war-but-not-to-party gray area?  Well, we’ve uncovered a solution to your problem that your parents are going to hate us for sharing: strip clubs. Well, actually, one strip club in particular, that’s in a league above the rest.

Long Island City’s Show Palace is the most extravagant all-nude, 18 and over gentlemen’s cabaret in the city. So all you newbie revelers can quit the I-swear-this-is-a-real-ID bouncer games and head to a spot that’s guaranteed to be a good time seven days of the week. And even if you are 21 or over, why would you want to waste time dealing with pretentious bouncers or paying outrageous cover charges when you’ve got a place like Show Palace at your finger tips. In addition to a full line-up of fantastic girls, the newly renovated club features a state of the art sound and lighting system including an LED wall capable of emitting over 16 million colors.

Show Palace New York

The club’s décor—majestic chandeliers, bronze railings, plush carpeting, and granite accents—creates an atmosphere of sophistication, while hit tunes spun by the club’s resident and celebrity DJ’s make it impossible not to let loose. The clubs mission, “to provide you with the luxury and care of an era gone by, while keeping it contemporary in aesthetics and luxury,” gives insight into the club’s elegant but uninhibited atmosphere.

Show Palace Long Island City

Show Palace is obviously more than your run of the mill gentlemen’s club, but just in case you weren’t convinced, the venue is also a juice bar, hookah lounge, and full service restaurant featuring menu items from burgers to pasta carbonara. If all of that in one place doesn’t sound like the best night out ever, we need to work on your definition of fun.

So, friends, just to recap, beer pong tournaments in your dorm rooms are no longer your only nighttime party option. You now have much better things to do with your evenings. Lap dance poker anyone? Count us in.

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