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Lillie's - Bar | Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant in New York.

Party Earth Review Named for the 19th-century actress, model, and socialite Lillie Langtry, Lillie’s is an Irish-Victorian bar popular with business people, creative types, and weekend pub crawlers. Although rushed office types hurrying to the back tables for a quick lunch and free Wi-Fi probably won’t notice the rotary phone, tinted glass ... more


13 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

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Irish Pub / Irish Restaurant

Wilfie & Nell - Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant in New York.

Party Earth Review Despite its genteel name and ivied French windows, Wilfie & Nell is actually a hardcore watering hole for young professionals and finance types looking to get seriously drunk – and an impressive selection of tap and bottled beers like Rogue and Dead Guy Ale helps them reach that goal. A single baby blue armchair invites ... more


228 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014

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NYC Irish Restaurants Overview

Lillie's - Bar | Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant in NYC

Scorsese fans don’t need to worry about facing off against descendents of Bill the Butcher. New York’s Irish population is much friendlier these days. New York Irish restaurants welcome visitors with comfort food, old-world décor, and, of course, Guinness poured correctly. Shepherd’s pie and Irish stew may have powered farmers through their tough days, but modern New Yorkers can benefit from these stress-busting dishes, especially on cold and damp winter days.

A world away from the O’Chain Restaurants of the world, Lillie’s is an Irish restaurant and bar with a Victorian feel. Instead of fake plows nailed to the wall, velvet Chesterfield banquettes and a marble fireplace await those looking for fish & chips. Restaurants like Lillie’s prove that Irish traditions do not have to be accompanied by shamrocks and leprechauns.

Those looking for the ruckus often associated with Irish eating and drinking can find pubs like Wilfie and Nell’s, where yuppies load up on corned beef to balance out the copious amounts of brew that they expect to consume through the night. Irish drinking habits may be a stereotype, but many Irish restaurants in New York exist for those who want to live every day like it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

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