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Roseland Ballroom Looking for concerts at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this one-of-a-kind concert venue! New York United States 40.763141 -73.984188
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Roseland Ballroom - Concert Venue in New York.
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INFO The notorious Roseland Ballroom located in Manhattan, New York once served as an indoor ice skating rink but has long since been converted into a hall for seated, theater or dance events. Originally opened in 1919 on Fifty... ... read more

Roseland Ballroom Videos

Tiësto New Years Eve 2009, Roseland Ballroom New York
Tiësto New Years Eve 2009, Roseland Ballroom New York
Phil Collins - My Girl - Roseland ballroom, New York City June 23, 2010.
1998.11.24 Metallica @ Roseland Ballroom - Mercyful Fate
Katy Perry: "Teenage Dream" - Roseland Ballroom NYC 11/8/10
Green Day at Roseland Ballroom (8/12)
Armin Van buuren @ Roseland Ballroom, Halloween night 2008
Madonna- Music (Roseland Ballroom)

Roseland Ballroom Information

Roseland Ballroom - Concert Venue in New York.

The notorious Roseland Ballroom located in Manhattan, New York once served as an indoor ice skating rink but has long since been converted into a hall for seated, theater or dance events. Originally opened in 1919 on Fifty-First street, as a whites only dance hall, it quickly evolved into an all purpose venue for exhibitions, competitions, weddings, and ballroom dancing. The ballroom's reputation as a popular venue for dances and events was mentioned in stories by iconic American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In 1956 the venue moved to its current home on Fifty-Second street where the thirty-two hundred person venue quickly took up a reputation as a disco night club. These popular disco parties continued into the nineties despite many controversies including a kidnapping and a homicide.

After the party was eventually shut down in 1990 the ballroom was able to maintain its popularity by featuring A-list performers. Previous concerts at the Roseland Ballroom include performances by Nirvana, Madonna, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Radiohead, and Tiësto. Beverage concessions are available throughout the theater.

Roseland Ballroom User Reviews

Average rating:
Roses for Roseland
Anna R. Jul 8, 2013
This is definitely one of my favorite venues in NYC. It is very big, has great acoustics for concerts, especially EDM concerts. The bathrooms and (cheap!) coat check were downstairs, which was really nice because there wasn't crowding in the actual concert area for bathroom or people taking forever to get their coats. Its amazing that there is that much space devoted just to concerts and events right in Midtown. You could almost always see the stage, no matter how far back you were. It was definitely an awesome experience, and I can't wait to go back!
The Best of the Madhouses
Lauryn S. Jun 23, 2013
Roseland is an unnecessarily large venue home to many events, from concerts, to fights to conventions. Despite to wealth of space available, this place can quickly and easily get outrageously packed. The wall length bar, multiple configurations and low-cost (or FREE!) events attract anyone looking for fun. Huge stage is an awesome focal point. Great place for multiple acts who like to run all over the stage. You'll never lose sight of them.
Awesome for a Tattoo Convention
Joseph T. Jun 20, 2013
I went to the Roseland for the NYC tattoo convention a number of years in a row and I love it there. It's so much space to walk through, has two floors and more than one staircase to get to it. The first floor is huge!! definitely capable of holding good sized capacity concerts there as well. I love the place.
Different from other venues for sure
Anna K. May 2, 2013
I was at Roseland when volunteering at Justin Timberlake's fashion show, and it is a pretty cool spot. Not entirely big, but that's what adds to its appeal. The intimate space allows you to hear the bands better, see more people, and the location itself is easily accessible. It's totally old-school NYC, and I love it!
The perfect place rage!
Luke S. Feb 19, 2013
Roseland Ballroom is one of the best concert venues I have ever been to. Not only do they book A-listers, they also offer beer at a fair price, a huge floor area that is extremely easy to navigate around, and large restroom facilities that allow you to never miss a minute of your show. I was really amazed at how easy it was to get close to the stage; you can be within 20 feet of your favorite performers if you really want to. If you are looking to rock out and get a little crazy, i.e. crowd surf, security is extremely fair and does not try to bully you. Additionally, the professionalism and overall quality of the venue is incredible. I’ve been there 5 times now and have never experienced any technical difficulties or long waits between shows. The sound quality is also perfect, which really amplifies every show. All in all this is an excellent place to check out your favorite bands!
Rock-Out at Roseland
Jaclyn W. Dec 4, 2012
Despite the fact that it's in Midtown, I still love this place. They always book big acts and I have always enjoyed myself here. The acoustics are actually pretty good and if you're on the floor, you can get really close to the major bands. They're very strict on the underage drinking policy. I know because I went here underage with an older crowd and they immediately plucked drinks from my hand when I couldn't show them an ID. Other than that though, it's a solid experience when you are of age. It's also a New York music icon, so I strongly recommend seeing at least one show here if you're a music buff. The crowd does get rowdy, but what crowd doesn't at a concert? I've seen Angles & Airwaves as well as Third Eye Blind here and both have been truly solid experiences. It's also extremely convenient to get to no matter where you are coming from in the city, which is a plus. As for drinks, stick to beer. Anything mixed is watered down and expensive because it's Midtown and it's a concert hall, so they can get away with those prices. My only caveat is find a restroom before you come. It's not easy to find one once you leave the place and I don't recommend using the ones within the ballroom. Other than that, enjoy the show. Crowd ranges depending on the music playing for the night as does the amount of people you should bring with you.
Chris K. Nov 30, 2012
If you want to see a small band rock a nice big stage, a big band playing a slightly more intimate venue, or the Insane Clown Posse, then come on down to Roseland. Many of my best teenage memories occurred at concerts here on cold and rainy nights (yes, even a concert featuring the aforementioned wicked clowns), and besides the one time that Slayer's sound cut out midway through the set due to someone knocking a beer on the soundboard (hence three instead of four stars), I've never seen a very bad show here. With the economy as it is, fewer and fewer large bands will play this place, but if you get a chance to see an act you like here, definitely take it. I'm a fan.
Fantastic Concert Venue
Samuel H. Sep 26, 2012
I've been to the Roseland a few times, including way back in 2005 to see Robert Randolph and the Family band. Granted I was pretty young at the time, I could not drink. So I made sure to go back this summer where I saw Armin Van Buuren perform. Every time I've been to Roseland I've had a great time. Although it's often packed, it's not overcrowded. Meaning this is a great venue to check out if you are looking for that packed in concert experience or a more relaxed one where you still have room to move around and dance as you please.
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