Brian Posehn Comedy Show Sep 16, 2012 8:00 pm

Brian Posehn
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  • Brian Posehn
    Don't think of death metal as "heartbreaking"? Check out Fate of Norns by @AmonAmarthBand. A father gives his kid a Viking funeral. Brutal!
    6:52 AM Jan 18 via Twitter for iPhone
  • Brian Posehn
    @GameInMyVein Yup. We were at the holiday show and Summer Slam.
    6:52 PM Jan 16 via Twitter for iPhone
  • Brian Posehn
    Check out Deadpool #40 today. Not just a "throwback" issue. Thanks to one of my funniest friends for being our super fucking special guest.
    3:35 PM Jan 14 via Twitter for iPhone

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