NYC Comedy Shows Overview

Bill Cosby - Comedy Show in NYC

Few cities offer as many chances to have a laugh as New York, and there is a massive assortment of venues to catch one of the many New York comedy shows.

From big, Broadway-caliber hotspots to shadowy dives hosting as-of-yet undiscovered talent, comedy shows in New York have it all. Caroline's on Broadway is a Times Square comedy club that normally hosts two or three shows nightly, and this NYC institution is an easy choice to check in on a performer you’ve probably seen on TV before.

Gotham Comedy Club is another big player – despite its relatively small size – and can tout the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, and Larry David on its long roster of hilarious performers. Comedy Cellar is known more as a practice room for comedians, so checking out a show here is a good place to watch someone try out some new material (which can either be amazing or the most painful thing on the planet). It’s a no-frills space, to be sure, but who knows who might drop in unannounced to perform?

You could talk about comedy institutions in New York for days. From the campy cabaret at Duplex to the glorious dive that is Stand Up NY, the endless comedy shows in NYC make it easy to laugh.

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