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Aug 16, 2012 —  In lieu of its never-sleeping status, it stands to reason that New York would be chock-full of incredible writers covering the city’s many bars, clubs, restaurants, and everything else imaginable. These writers have devoured the finest foods, chugged the classiest cocktails (chugged?), and have been given access to exclusive spots typically relegated to royalty – or reality stars (sigh).

We decided to scour the city to find some of the best and let you get a sneak peek into their writing worlds. They have crazy stories, they have misadventures, and they have broken livers as proof. Here are some of our favorite New York writers – we think you’ll like them too:

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    Erica D’Aloia – New York

    Erica is the creator and main writer for She covers the hottest spots throughout New York and can usually be found hobnobbing with the wealthy celebutantes of the city. Her favorite venues are: Rose Bar, Catch Rooftop, Double Seven, and Lavo.

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    In Erica's words:

    “Some of the greatest tricks I…learned while working in PR were: how to sneak into private events, [how to] make anyone famous, and what it’s like to really live the fabulous life! One thing that will never change is that it’s not what you know but who you know (or know where to go; and be seen).”

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    Sascha Merchants – New York

    Sascha is a born and bred New Yorker, social insider, and walking rolodex for who to know, where to go, and when to be there. Her writing can be found here on Party Earth where she writes about the most exclusive hotspots in the city. Her favorite venues are: Mister HElectric RoomAvenueProvocateur, Soho House, Bagatelle, and Apothéke.

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    In Sascha's words:

    “One of the craziest times I've had while on the job for nightlife writing was at Westway. I was with a few guys and happened to be the only girl. I went straight up to the guest list guy and told him what I did and he let in all my guy friends as well [perks of the job]. When we got inside we ended up meeting this group from Australia and ended up having an impromptu after-party at the Gansevoort Park.”

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    Risa Chu – New York

    A native New Yorker who loves nothing more than long walks in dark unexplored alleyways that lead to beautiful hidden bars. Her (mis)adventures can be found both on Party Earth and on her site at Her favorite venues are: DecibelThe BoxEmployees Only, and Mother’s Ruin.

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    In Risa's words:

    “While wandering the city at 2am, my friend and I ran into a socialite friend of his who’s one of those permanent golden ticket holders. He brought us up to the Le Bain rooftop where the stunning city view distracted me from an introduction to someone I later found out is a “kind-of-a-big-deal” social media entrepreneur. Oops. After spending twenty minutes staring at the view like a tourist in Times Square, we eventually made our way back downstairs to the party. My first thought was that someone needed to ease up on the cleaning products, until I realized the chlorine odor was emanating from a Jacuzzi at the side of the room, where people were splashing around in everything from party dresses to birthday suits. After a cocktail-aided contemplation period of whether or not to jump in, I realized that I was either in this for the full experience, or I was going to go home wishing I had baptized myself in the Le Bain pool. Not wanting to be an outcast, my friend and I agreed it was necessary to strip down and join the congregation. Despite the resulting ride home in damp clothing, the experience of half-naked swimming with New York’s finest socialites and hipsters is not something I’ll soon forget.”

Erica D’Aloia – New York

Erica is the creator and main writer for She covers the hottest spots throughout New York and can usually be found hobnobbing with the wealthy celebutantes of the city. Her favorite venues are: Rose Bar, Catch Rooftop, Double Seven, and Lavo.


What are your favorite New York hotspots?

Erica D. Aug 28, 2012
If you want to jump into the pool at Le Bain, look for the next FlavorPill Lunch Break Party - they are usually at Le Bain and all you need to do is RSVP online. IT WAS AN AWESOME PARTY, free drinks from Absolute too. Next party should be mid-Sept.
Paul F. Aug 17, 2012
Couldn't agree with Sascha more. Apotheke makes some of the best drinks in the city. Incredible bartenders.
Anonymous Aug 16, 2012
I could have used Erica's tricks of the trade when trying to get into the Empire last weekend. Although now jumping into the Le Bain pool is at the top of my NYC bucket list...thanks for the inspiration Risa!
Anonymous Aug 16, 2012
You gotta admire the swagger these ladies have! If you're going to live it up in New York, this is the way to do it. I love the Le Bain story....oh to be a fly on the wall there....
Victor H. Aug 16, 2012
And here I am working my butt off in front of a computer when I can be out partying the night away.
Deepak H. Aug 16, 2012
Go to a nice place, drink, write about it and get paid! I don't know about the others but this job definitely comes very close to the definition of a "dream job"!!
Erica D. Aug 16, 2012
Just have fun with it!
Anonymous Aug 16, 2012
Looks like you have to be an attractive woman.
Sam A. Aug 16, 2012
How do I get this job? Sounds awesome. Great stories. I'd like to hear more...
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