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Partying in Munich: The Chicest Side of the City

Shopping at Fünf Höfe in Munich.

Shopping at Fünf Höfe in Munich.



Lounge / Restaurant

Nektar - Lounge | Restaurant in Munich.

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Jun 13, 2012 —  Full of chic boutiques and some of the hottest clubs in Europe, Munich is much more than just a beer lover’s dream.

The place just oozes style, apparent in the luxury German cars that line the streets, the posh young professionals who drive them, and the abundance of chichi shopping opportunities at designer boutiques and shopping centers located in the City Center.

But what’s really fabulous about Munich is that an average night out at one of the city’s exclusive clubs usually means rubbing shoulders with models, football stars, celebrities, and social trendsetters. And with so many options, it’s really easy to spend every night dancing and drinking champagne until the wee hours.

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