Stacey Kent & Band Concert Sep 22, 2012 9:00 pm

Stacey Kent
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  • Stacey Kent
    ITALY! Stacey has two Italian shows in May, 2015. Tickets are on sale now: May 8: Auditorium Parco della...
    11:42 AM Oct 31 via Facebook
  • Stacey Kent
    SHANGHAI, CHINA: Tickets are on sale now for Stacey's concert at Shanghai Music Hall, Nov 28th, 2014. For a...
    10:11 PM Oct 27 via Facebook
  • Stacey Kent
    Happy Birthday to my friend, Roberto Menescal. Roberto is a beautiful human being and an incredible musician, who...
    9:22 AM Oct 25 via Facebook

Stacey Kent & Band Videos

Stacey Kent - So Nice
0:00 / 0:00
Stacey Kent - So Nice 430,410 views
Stacey Kent -Too Darn Hot 66,058 views
Stacey Kent - Close Your Eyes 245,418 views
Stacey Kent - Samba Saravah 189,767 views
Stacey Kent - Dreamer in Concert teaser 697 views
I've got a crush on you - Stacey Kent 429,663 views
Stacey Kent - "Isn't This A Lovely Day?" 203,199 views
Stacey Kent - La Venus du Mélo 149,153 views
Stacey Kent - Raconte Moi 53,663 views
Stacey Kent - Dreamer (extract) 1,619 views
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