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Madrid Festivals Overview

XXXII Festival de Otoño a Primavera - Arts Festival | Music Festival | Circus in Madrid

Festivals in Madrid are called “fiestas.” And many is called “mucho.” So put them together and you’ve got “muchos fiestas en Madrid.” That ends our Spanish lesson for the day, but should serve as a reminder that there really are a ton of Madrid festivals to enjoy. That’s probably because Madrileños require little excuse to get out to the streets in celebration of something or other.

Although festivals in Madrid happen all year, the biggest regular celebrations usually kick off in April and start slowing down in October. Some of the biggest Madrid festivals include Dos de Mayo, San Isidro, and La Paloma. Dos de Mayo commemorates a revolt that led to Spain’s independence and involves lots of great street music, dancing, and tons of drinking. San Isidro, meanwhile, is a festival in Madrid to commemorate the Patron Saint of Madrid, and involves bullfights – twenty days worth at Plaza de Ventas – fairs, and tons of drinking.

Then there’s the fiesta of the Virgin of La Paloma, when the old center of Madrid bursts with street parties, dances, and (noticing a pattern here?) lots of drinking. And then of course there’s the Carnival festival in Madrid during February and March, when nearly all the major streets overflow with revelers in fabulous costumes parading down the blocks.

One thing is for sure, you’ll never run out of festivals in Madrid…in fact, you’re far more likely to run INTO one.

Videos of Madrid Festivals

Kasabian Fire @ dcode Festival Madrid 2011
0:00 / 0:00
Kasabian Fire @ dcode Festival Madrid 2011 868 views
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (Rock in Rio) [HD] 2,073,264 views
dcode festival-Universidad Complutense de Madrid 25/06/2011 75 views
Metallica @ Sonisphere Madrid - For Whom the Bells Tolls & Hell and Black 4,082 views
FLY Bermuda Stage @ Klubbers Day, Madrid March 17th 2012 4,834 views
The Wicker Man - Iron Maiden @ Rock In Rio 518,295 views
Aftermovie Monegros Desert Festival 301,002 views
Rock In Rio 2011 - Metallica - Full Show (Completo) - Best Quality 526,524 views
Resumen Klubber's Day 2010 19,122 views
Opening THE BLOODY BEETROOTS "Rocksteady" rmx Live @t Monegros desert Festival 2012 1,267 views
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