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Bar Crawling Spots


Beer Hall / Brewery / Drinking Activity / Gastropub

Naturbier - Beer Hall | Brewery | Drinking Activity | Gastropub in Madrid.
Sidrería La Creación


Sidrería La Creación - Bar in Madrid.

Irish Pub / Sports Bar

Dubliners - Irish Pub | Sports Bar in Madrid.
Joy Madrid

Club / Concert Venue

Joy Madrid - Club | Concert Venue in Madrid.

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Oct 22, 2012 —  The Spanish capital is famed for its matadors, its conquistadors, and its bar doors that stay open until dawn. Maybe it’s the ridiculously hot summer days, or the beautiful winter nights, but Madrileños are practically nocturnal in their social habits. Couple that with the communal drinking engrained in Spanish culture, an energetic youth, and lots and lots of travelers, and it’s no surprise that Madrid is one of the craziest party destinations in Europe.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in El Centro of the city, where hordes of visitors mix with local partygoers in the endless sea of bars and clubs that litter the cobblestone streets. With so much packed into the condensed area, we figured it was the perfect place to host a bar crawl. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns, because we are sending you on a night of drunken revelry straight through the heart of Madrid.

There’s no better way to start a night out than with a few mugs of frothy brew, but let’s be honest, Spanish beer isn’t exactly known for its stellar selection. Luckily there’s Naturbier, a German-style bierhaus that provides beer-loving Madrileños and tourists salvation for their taste buds. The upstairs boasts Bavarian decorations, traditional wooden beams, and of course lots of heavy steins full of tasty drafts. But the real highlight is the gothic dungeons of Naturbier, and when you gather your group and grab a table downstairs, you’ll know just what we are talking about ­– each table comes with its own taps!

Once you’ve had your fix of lagers, head up the street and hook a right towards the next stop, where you’ll indulge in another delicious drink not native to Madrid: sidra! This absolutely wonderful alcoholic apple cider comes from the northern coast of Spain, and Sidrería La Creación is an authentic enough haunt to have been airlifted straight from the Basque country. You get to order sidra by the bottle, and supposedly the more distance you get between bottle and glass when you pour, the better it is. That means you get to try your best waterfall pours and after five or six bottles, witness as you and all of your friends’ aim quickly begins to bomb.

Now that your dexterity is officially impaired, you might have to quite literally crawl to your next destination. We’re taking you downtown to a trio of Irish bars – two of which are owned by the same guy, and a third a stone’s throw away. Dubliners and O’Connell St. are right next to each other on Calle de Espoz y Mina, and a couple streets over is O’Neill’s. They all have the traditional Irish pub décor of wood paneling, flowing amounts of Guinness, and plenty of tourists wandering through. The only difference is that O’Neill’s provides an extra floor of drinking space. Your goal should be to have a drink at each of the three pubs, and afterwards you’ll be doing your own form of Irish dance on your way out.

Now that you’ve been to a German bierhall, a Basque Sidreriá, and a trio of Irish pubs, you are finally ready for some all-night Spanish partying with a short walk up Calle de Arenal to Joy Madrid. This buzzing nightclub is a favorite destination for clubbers and anyone wanting to get down and dirty to some hard-pumping music early into the morning. The venue’s energy gets turned up around 2:30 or 3am – which is why we sent you to five bars first – and the trendy patrons don’t start leaving till dawn. Get your groove on, marvel at the over-the-top lightshows, and prepare to find out what the Madrid sunrise looks like, because you’ll be walking out saying buenos días instead of noches.

What are your top bar crawling spots in the city?

Sam A. Oct 23, 2012
I've been to all of these places but never in one night. Not sure I'm in good enough drinking shape to take that on.
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