Voices United for Separation of Church and State Concert / Comedy Show / Show Oct 1, 2012 6:45 pm

Catie Curtis
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Voices United for Separation of Church and State Videos

Catie Curtis & Liz Marshall - It Gets Better
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Catie Curtis & Liz Marshall - It Gets Better 18,042 views
Catie Curtis - "Happy" 44,201 views
catie curtis KISS THAT COUNTED 21,231 views
"People Look Around" by Catie Curtis 23,056 views
Catie Curtis - 100 Miles 25,895 views
Upstage Live: Catie Curtis "Be Sixteen With Me" 2,367 views
Catie Curtis "Sweet Life" -- Catie Curtis Music-Video Winner of the October 2008 video contest 12,019 views
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