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Say what you will about pretentious celebrities or shallow Hollywood glamour, one thing Los Angeles does well is throw a party. Los Angeles parties occur all over town, and while there are plenty of exclusive premiere parties and velvet-roped after-parties, there are also a ton of diverse club nights, raves, and fun free-for-alls where everybody can get down regardless of fame or the size of their bank accounts.

Club nights in LA are, of course, a huge component to the social scene, and they range from the über-exclusive (yet completely uninhibited) revelry at Voyeur in West Hollywood to big-time guest DJs at Exchange to killer dance parties at Avalon. Even though much of LA closes at 2am, a lively after-hours scene quickly steps in to fill the void with an ever-expanding selection of unlicensed dance clubs and pop-ups that keep things moving till sunrise.

From empty warehouses to the backyards of some glitzy mansion, after-parties are all over this town, and finding one is often as easy as keeping your eyes peeled for a flier being passed around the club.

This being the movie capital of the world, premiere parties are a big deal, but so are fun raves for the 18+ crowd that go down at major venues like Club Nokia and sexy pool parties that seem to happen every day at The Standard Downtown.

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you are looking for, LA parties will leave you satisfied but still yearning for more.

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