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Royce Hall - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO Royce Hall is a concert hall situated on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Opened in 1929, Royce Hall is one of the campus’ four original buildings. Its world-renowned acoustics and 1,800... ... read more

Royce Hall Information

Royce Hall is a concert hall situated on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Opened in 1929, Royce Hall is one of the campus’ four original buildings.

Its world-renowned acoustics and 1,800-person capacity have made Royce Hall one of America’s greatest concert halls.

The hall’s first performing arts season started in 1937 with its first subscription series including the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Budapest String Quartet.

Since then, many famous artists have graced its stage, and everyone from Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa to Ella Fitzgerald have played concerts at Royce Hall.

Royce Hall currently serves as the main performance venue of the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA and as one of the home venues for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Royce Hall User Reviews

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Maggie H. May 17, 2013
What's my favorite part of walking to class and walking back to campus? Passing by Royce. This is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. If you ever pull an all nighter at Powell and come out just when the sun is rising, Powell looks even more amazing. After two years at UCLA, I still haven't completely taken in the beauty of Royce. I marvel at it in awe every time I pass by it. It's right across from the college library, Powell and pretty much in the middle of campus. If you're a north campus major, you'll pass by it pretty often.
Prettiest Part of Campus
Shawna W. Mar 27, 2013
Royce is definitely a central part of UCLA's campus. It has to be one of the prettiest buildings here too, so it's no wonder that sorority girls and graduates choose to do their pictures here every year. Royce is also probably the most recognizable part of campus to show up in movies and TV shows, such as when Ted Mosby runs across NYU's campus in How I Met Your Mother. Even the inside of the building is still very beautiful if you get the chance to take a class or attend office hours here. The main concert hall is huge and an amazing place to watch a performance or a speech. Definitely something to take advantage of as a student since so many other people want to come see shows here too.
The Central Part of campus
Kimberly A. Mar 18, 2013
Royce hall usually shows up in all the brochures for UCLA and is pictured in pretty much any showcase for the school. You will definitely hear about the architectural background of Royce if you go on a tour. I have only been inside a couple times but if you go to see a concert the acoustics are great. I went for a showing of American Idol and a meet and greet with the stars and even though I was sitting kind of far back they still felt pretty close. If you are ever lost of campus it is easy to direct people by way of Royce since its pretty much in the center of campus.
UCLA picture icon
Valerie Y. Mar 5, 2013
Even if you have never been to Royce Hall, you have probably seen it in pictures or movies, as it is an iconic UCLA building, and many films are filmed here; Nutty Professor is one of them! It has beautiful architecture. The thing that UCLA tour guides always point out is that there are ~32 differences between the two pillars, so even though they look symmetric, they are not. Supposedly, there is an architecture class that will give out extra credit for students who find and name all the discrepancies. It is easy for students to take for granted how famous Royce Hall is, and how many celebrities have been inside it when we are walking to class. Take the time to appreciate it!
Royce Hall
Dawn M. Feb 25, 2013
So beautiful. Not only the outer arcitecture but the interior is breathtaking!
Beautiful Hall
Julie T. Dec 9, 2012
Photographs of Royce are the most clichéd and most famous view of UCLA. On any given day you will have tourists from all around the world taking photos in front of it. The building's architecture is special- did you notice that the two towers aren't symmetrical? It's always one of the things that tour guides mention, and it's pretty fun sometimes to just sit and try to count how many you can see. The hall itself is very beautiful, grand, and classic in decor. The acoustics in the hall are great, if you have a chance to go for a concert or a show, definitely do it! I went once for a Hooligan's show and enjoyed it very much.
Architecture, History, and Music
Michelle S. Oct 18, 2012
As a member of the performing arts community at UCLA, I think there is a unanimous consensus that showcasing at Royce is the most highly coveted opportunity and privilege because of history, hype, and the sheer beauty and grandiosity of the hall. In the two times I've performed there, I can say with certainty that the hall lives up to its hype and to its name. Not only are you sharing the stage with big historical names like Sinatra and performing in a gold-gilded hall with intricate ceilings, architecture prowess, and plush velvet seats, the acoustics really do reach every corner of the hall. I had friends sitting in different corners of the room record the performance, and in both videos the sound quality both sounded equally clear.
Iconic UCLA Building
Matt M. Oct 4, 2012
Royce Hall is full of history. Apparently when the building was designed, over 100 (I'm not sure of the exact number -- ask someone from UCLA tours group) differences can be seen between the two towers. However, if you're the type of person that doesn't care about that, don't worry, because it holds a great variety of musical performances. From modern day rising bands to flamenco styled dancing, you won't know what you'll get at Royce Hall (well, unless you check UCLA happenings). Most concerts are free for UCLA students, and they're usually on a first come, first serve basis. It's located in the middle of a beautiful UCLA campus across from Powell library. The iconic building is one of the most recognizable on the UCLA campus. If you're not a UCLA student, arrive early to snap some pictures and view the campus before your show.
AMAZING Concert Space
Natalie M. Aug 16, 2012
Royce actually hosts free concerts for UCLA students pretty often in addition to school-related programs, and is a beautiful space to see shows. I saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros two years ago, and Portugal. The Man this year, and both times had so much fun. It is hard to get good seats because tickets for students are free, and the management is very strict about standing in the aisles and moving seats if yours suck, but the sound and ambiance are well worth these annoyances. Royce is one of the original four buildings at UCLA, built in 1929, and the grandeur of the velvet seats and golden wall moldings is one of the best things about the interior. The sound quality and acoustics for bands like those I saw is awesome and the farthest seats are still close enough to clearly see the band members. Some of my favorite experiences as a student at UCLA were at Royce, so see if a band you like is playing there this fall!
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