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Amoeba Music Looking for concerts at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, & more for this one-of-a-kind live music venue! Los Angeles United States 34.097862 -118.328928
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Amoeba Music - Record Store | Live Music Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO Amoeba Music is a highly successful independent music store chain in California that sells new and used CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and cassettes. The first Amoeba Music store opened on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in 1990... ... read more

Amoeba Music Videos

Lana Del Rey Live At Amoeba Music Hollywood CA "Without You" shot By:Devon Station (me:)
Lana Del Rey Live At Amoeba Music Hollywood CA "Without You" shot By:Devon Station (me:)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela plays Diablo Rojo @ Amoeba Music, 1/27/07
Paul McCartney - Live at Amoeba Music
Peter Murphy - The Prince & Old Lady Shade [Live at Amoeba Music]
Vampire Weekend live at Amoeba Music Interview
Shelby Lynne Performs @ Amoeba Music
Aaron Paul at Amoeba Music Hollywood

Amoeba Music Information

Amoeba Music - Record Store | Live Music Venue in Los Angeles.

Amoeba Music is a highly successful independent music store chain in California that sells new and used CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and cassettes. The first Amoeba Music store opened on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in 1990. There is also an Amoeba Music in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, a neighborhood known for being the home of the original hippie movement of the 1960s

Amoeba Music in Los Angeles is located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. When the LA location opened in 2001 it became one of the largest independent music stores in the world.

The Amoeba Music brand has made an exceptional name for itself with its underground hipster-esque vibe and its recognizable “Buy, Sell, Trade” motto. Even with the birth of the MP3 era, Amoeba Music continues to be one of the largest companies to sell CDs and original vinyl records. Amoeba Music also sells music posters, artwork, video-games and Amoeba merchandise.

Amoeba Music stores are known for holding live performances by local and nationally known artists. These live shows at Amoeba are free to the public and include artists such as Matisyahu and Fatlip.

Amoeba Music User Reviews

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Discover Yourself
John R. Aug 21, 2013
We live in a world where anything and everything can be delivered to you instantly in the web. Music and movies couldn't be more easier to get to. But this takes away one thing... interaction. This place not only provides you with what you probably want, but it gives you an opportunity to interact with people who feel as passionate as you do. You'll be surprised at what you find. This is a place where you don't find what you need, it finds you.
Great place for tourists
Keith A. Aug 11, 2013
I went there on my honeymoon.. They had a lot of interesting items... off beat stuff that you dont normally see at any store anywhere. Bizarre but very funny items. They have a lot of music too. Take girlfirend or like me a newly wed... its fun.
Amoeba Hollywood fulfills a range of entertainment needs
Evelyn N. Aug 8, 2013
Amoeba Music is an independent music store, with a vast collection of new and used cds, lps, dvds, memorabilia, and now books. The price range depends on the item; rare and out-of-print cds and vinyls are pricier, but selected used cds sell for $2.99 or less. With three different stores located in Hollywood, Berkeley, and San Francisco, Amoeba Music has been able to attract and showcase musical guests of all kinds of genres. The independent store has gained recognition from its customers to well known magazines such as the Rolling Stone for its high regard for music as well as its involvement in community programs. And for the cherry on top, shipping is always free for online orders.
Amoeba is Great
Travis K. Jun 5, 2013
It's really harder to find a place that appreciates the soft analog days of yesteryear than that of the music savvy genius that is Amoeba music. Their collection of thousands of Vinyl records is really something to behold, where one can find old editions of Radiohead's "Pablo Honey" to the latest and greatest from Bruno Mars. Get in touch with the renaissance side of yourself, and immerse yourself in the culture that is Amoeba.
Music by the bucket!
Annie G. May 18, 2013
This place has music busting at the seams! For the endless music enthusiast, or someone with a general interest, this is a most visit store in Los Angeles! It is more than a store, is a destination. On any given night, you can witness a free performance by some local band (in the store!) or a ridiculous sale on records and DVDs. You can spend a free moment in there, scoping out the place, or hours lost in the music world. Check it out now, there is something for everyone to enjoy here!
whatever you need
Ellison M. May 17, 2013
There is never a dull moment in Hollywood! Amoeba music ensures this, with countless albums in EVERY format (I swear if you look hard enough you can find 8 tracks) known to man, movies and posters, you can't go wrong. Oh and they have live in-store performances as well. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist but the staff is more than willing to help. Most of them are pretty knowledgeable some are even active working in the industry. Not only is there an endless supply of music and movies, Amoeba is has Jack in the Box and the Arclight for neighbors. Great for pre-gaming
Must Visit For Music Fans
Todd S. Mar 29, 2013
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man I wish I had The Counting Crows' "Recovering The Sattelites" CD," or, "I wonder where I can get some Coltrane on vinyl..." Well, fill in the blanks where the titles are concerned, and start your search at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. This place is more than just a CD warehouse that also sells DVD's and vinyl, it's a beacon of music culture. With new acts like Lana Del Rey, and niche acts like The Blind Boys of Alabama having performed there, there is never a shortage of cultural impact coming out of Amoeba. Located right in the heart of Hollywood, just up the street from Hollywood Blvd, Amoeba is a great place to visit whether your in town for a few days, or have lived here your whole life. The best part of the store may just be their prices. They sell all kinds of used CD's which literally come in at well under $10 (I've bought more than one album there for $4.99) Their selection is so thorough it doesn't leave anyone out. You could go in and find Mandy Moore's first album and turn around and buy Macklemore's new project without a problem. The DVD selection upstairs is awesome for DVD collectors. Find the most obscure cuts and even add to your blu-ray collection. Whether it's a DVD, a CD, or vinyl, Amoeba is always a solid place to find what you're looking for. Highly recommended.
Hipster's Paradise
Lauren G. Jan 3, 2013
Amoeba Music is a hipster's paradise—it's Disneyland for anyone who loves film and music. This giant warehouse has two stories packed with tons of films, CDs, vinyls, posters, soundtracks, memorabilia, and books about music. They even have obscure things you can't find elsewhere, such as old Andy Warhol screen tests on DVD, indie films, and original vinyls of classic rock albums (these are fairly expensive, running as high as $400). They also have a seemingly endless stock of CDs from The Beatles when they first came out in CD format (these are only around $6—needless to say, Amoeba helped me complete the rest of my Beatles collection). They regularly have frees concerts and signings. Last year, David Lynch, Ellie Goulding, and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys all did signings for their new albums. Their free shows are fun, but they cover a good portion of the bottom floor, making it difficult to shop in that area during and before a show. Amoeba is a day-long trip. Expect to be there for at least three or four hours if you plan on really exploring all the treasures they have to offer. It can be intimidating when you first walk in. The prices are great too! On my first trip there, I bought 4 albums, 5 DVDs, 4 music posters, and I only spent about $90. The only downside is that there are so many products that things get lost easily, so the sales associates aren't very helpful if you're looking for something specific.
Unrivaled landmark of music history and culture
Skylar H. Dec 17, 2012
I may have a biased perspective about Amoeba, since I'm a longtime record collector. This place is the mecca of all things music-related in Los Angeles. On a vacant day with no plans, I have spent 5 or 6 hours digging here (yes, really). The selection is ridiculous, with music for every demographic from indie rocker to jazz lover to hip-hop head... from dollar-bin diggers to serious collectors willing to shell out for the items on the wall. The variety of faces and types of people you'll come across here are noteworthy as well. A truly eclectic variety of records and CDs come through here, probably because it's the default location to sell music to in LA. While I can't speak too favorably about the buy counter's prices, the sheer thrill of discovery you can feel every time you come is enough to keep me going back again and again, always finding something new and intriguing. Aside from the music (and movie and videogame) buying, there is the live show aspect. I have personally only been to a couple shows here (People Under The Stairs, DJ Shadow) and I can agree with some reviewers below that the setup is a little awkward, with the rows of music acting as barriers between audience rows, but it doesn't detract THAT much from enjoying it, and seeing as how they're also always free, I guess it's alright. But for me, the store gets 4 stars simply on music selection alone. There's really no other place like it.
The biggest and best record store EVER
Jenna H. Nov 20, 2012
I have been to the three Amoebas in SF, Hollywood, and Berkeley. I undoubtedly love all three of them, but this one feel more like home to me. I love its prime location in the heart of Sunset Blvd and with a vast array of food, coffee, and shopping choices surrounding it, I always want to come back for more. The selection of CDs, DVDs, and records is never-ending. The staff at all three Amoeba's are ALWAYS very helpful, and are just experts at the store they work at and contribute great opinions about various artists and music in general. And this place is so cheap!
Best Record Store in LA
Ross S. Nov 9, 2012
Posters, DVDs, VHSs, CDs, Imports, Records, Record Players ... they have it all!!!!!!!! So many rare finds. Everything is affordable and you never know what gems will pop up in the used section. They have live shows here too! NEVER CLOSE PLEASE!
If It Exists, They Have It
Brett C. Oct 30, 2012
My home away from home, I’ve been going to Amoeba since before I moved to Los Angeles. For the uninitiated, Amoeba is one of the largest independent record stores in the world and takes up the entire block from Ivar to Cahuenga on Sunset. Amoeba has a huge selection of new and used records, CDs, movies in all formats, and video games, and even carries shirts, posters, collectibles, and turntables. They literally have everything you could possibly be looking for, even out-of-print limited editions, and they divide each format by much more specific genres than the typical big box retailer. I’ve spent hours at a time here wandering the rows and adding gems like London Calling and Hunky Dory to my vinyl collection for very reasonable used prices. The very beginning of the used vinyl section is staff recommendations, and I have discovered some of my favorite bands like The Wonder Stuff by taking a chance on these. They also have extensive clearance sections for both vinyl and CDs with prices usually around a dollar or two. I love going to the charity auctions on the first Saturday of every month, where you can bid on everything from gift certificates to concert tickets and collectibles. Whenever I am looking for something specific, I always go to Amoeba first; if they don’t have it, chances are no one will.
Worth the Trip
Christina C. Oct 6, 2012
Amoeba Music is a one stop shop for Los Angeles music lovers. This independent department-like store has a constant influx of new CDs, vinyl, audio cassettes, and posters for their customers to choose from. While shopping can be overwhelming at times (you could probably spend a month in here and still not see everything), Amoeba has become a Los Angeles staple for a reason. The store has a fast-paced, animated feel to it with endless aisles for customers to explore, including an upstairs level dedicated only to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Be weary of how quickly things add up here. The prices are definitely not as cheap as some budget music stores you can find elsewhere in Los Angeles. But if you are looking for some cheap records or CDs, be sure to check out the store's clearance aisles. Amoeba has an entire aisle dedicated to $1 records. And don't forget to continuously check the store's website for their upcoming free live shows!
Piece of Heaven
Zoyla E. Oct 5, 2012
When I am bored at home and I am not super busy, I love walking to Amoeba. Its a mega store, so there is literally thousands of Records, Cd's, Dvd's, I feel you can literally get lost. Hahaha. I personally think the prices at decent. I think it varies, but when they have sales, I go crazy. They have "newsletters" that let you know of performances and awesome deals, so I think that is pretty cool of them. I feel the employees are really attentive towards the costumers and are willing to help you out. I would definantly recoment this place at least to check it out. =]
Fun People Watching, but That's About It These Days
Sara G. Oct 3, 2012
I used to love Amoeba Music - the first time I went I was in high school and doing a college tour in the Berkeley area. Love at first sight. Unfortunately, since then, Apple has come out with a billion versions of ipods, and I have no idea who buys music in stores anymore. The only reason I ever go to Amoeba is because there is still something theraputic about going to a physical record store and mingling with fellow music lovers. It's also great people watching. And sometimes I'll buy a used CD or two as I have an antiquated car that only takes CDs. Other than that, the only reason I would go here is really for the live shows. I don't think it's as fun as going to a full concert - but it does give you a taste of the artist. And you feel cool - it is Amoeba after all.
Music Galore
Victor H. Oct 2, 2012
I always manage to go to Amoeba when I'm within a quarter square mile of its location. Something about walking in and being surrounded by a million records, live music and other music fanatics. Oh and if you're coming in from the underground parking lot the climb up the stairs is an art gallery consisting of album covers from all sorts of artists and decades. If you subscribe to the newsletter or just keep up with their blog you'll notice that they are always artists performing inside the record store. I had the opportunity to see Gossip play or umm sort of play. When I went the power went out and they couldn't play so they performed a couple songs with just a guitar since its all the backup generator had the power for until that went out and they continued a capella. It's not the best music venue but considering its free its totally worth it. And on the plus side after every performance there's the opportunity for you to meet the band and get some of your items signed.
Pretty much what you'd expect from a mega-store in the middle of Hollywood
Nikki L. Aug 14, 2012
Amoeba is HUGE. Check-in and check-out counters are elevated like the employees are your overlords, and there are signs EVERYWHERE. It's a little intimidating. But very clean. They've got two stories of records, DVDs, and posters new and old. Plus a stage with regular DJ nights and occasional live concerts. It's great for shopping, but not an awesome venue. First of all, it's kind of awkward to shop while Anthony Valdez is blasting tracks, like, RIGHT THERE. Is he expecting me to watch him? Can I ask him to turn it down a little? But this is a DJ night problem. During other concerts, they close the store down and just use the floor as standing room. There's a lot of space, but the shelves are super tall, and there's no way to move them. Everyone gets filed in on a first-come first-served basis, row by row. That means that if you're not in the first 30 or so people who can stand right at the front, you HAVE to be behind/in between shelves. It's kind of strange and uncomfortable and feels like a fire hazard. And there can be absolutely no moshing. But it's always free, so you can't really complain, right? Plus there's so much other stuff to do within walking distance (Space 15 Twenty, Arclight...) that a great band would make it worth the trip over. If you can get street parking. There's a free lot for customers, but it has a time limit and is usually pretty crowded anyway. I wouldn't go out of my way to go to Amoeba unless Iron & Wine showed up. But on a regular day out in the neighborhood, it doesn't hurt to stop by.
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