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INFO The historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard mixes old Hollywood glamour with a young Hollywood crowd. The Spanish-style hotel, named after Theodore Roosevelt, is known for its active nightlife scene that includes... ... read more

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Videos

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Luxury Hotel in Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Luxury Hotel in Hollywood, CA
Roosevelt Hotel Pool Party, Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Room 1
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles
Aaron Carter @ Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood!
Hippotizer 3D Mapping Show at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough @ Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood!
Hey Man, Nice Shot - Live at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 5/31/10
Nicole Narain @ Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood
Aqualillies Live at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Information

The historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard mixes old Hollywood glamour with a young Hollywood crowd. The Spanish-style hotel, named after Theodore Roosevelt, is known for its active nightlife scene that includes multiple bars and clubs, most notably the Tropicana poolside bar and lounge.

The Tropicana is perfect for events and whiling the day away in the exclusive poolside cabanas. Other bars at the Roosevelt Hotel include the Library Bar and The Spare Room, a lounge where guests can enjoy a specialty cocktail while bowling in the vintage alley.

The hotel is also home to Beacher’s Madhouse, the crazy nightclub that features an entertaining performance with oddball characters. With the countless nightlife options offered, you will never fail to find a social scene at this hotel.

Dining options at the Roosevelt include the Public Kitchen and Bar as well as 25 Degrees, the 24 hour classic American burger joint.

The hotel is often featured in films and can be seen in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle and Catch Me If You Can. Famous clientele include Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner, Lindsay Lohan, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Hollywood Roosevelt was also the site of the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel User Reviews

Average rating:
Massimo D. Jun 19, 2013
WHEN you live or visit Hollywood and you get to know the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel or you get a chance to study a bit about " The Old Hollywood" History you definitely come to an understanding why the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel plays such an important part in Hollywood history. I would like to concentrate on the last word of my last sentence. I wrote " HISTORY", not " PRESENT" or " FUTURE", history means PAST, something that happened in the past and the events are well-over during the time of speaking. That is exactly what the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is. This Hotel has been trying for the past 10 years at least to rebuild its reputation, its trend, its fashionability and moreover its clientele. It has been up and down constantly since its last renovation. At the beginning everybody started to question why the Hollywood Roosevelt its not anymore what it used to be; is it because of the new management? Is it because of the NEw Concept"? Is it because it became too expensive and only rich kids started to hang out there. The fact is that is a mixture of all these things but most of all it is a serious of specific events that I had a wonderful chance to witness that made this place a NOT-COOL place to hang out at. Living in the proximity of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, as one of my houses around the world, I used to hang out here all the time. I used to have business lunches, but thank god that happened rarely, cause I realized immediately that the food was awful, you cannot fool an Italian with food, at least not for now. Some of my business-partners would tell me also that the drinks are over-priced, they would rather go to the Four Seasons or to the Beverly Hills Hotel for those prices... I don't blame them, you still cannot compare the " Ghetto" Hollywood with the Fancy Beverly Hills, I get it. Also, " The Old-Hollywwod" crowd that counts in Hollywood don't hang around here anymore, it used to be in the 30's but not now, get over with it. You will not spot a real Producer there. Let's face it, the only people that hang out there are either un-established artists, for example, I thought It was really cute at the beginning when they started to organize day-events by the Pool with people selling vintage clothing and you could get an artistic hair-cut and buy a painting, all at the same day during the same event. These kind of events are cool or at least the IDEA behind it is cool but the crowd most of the time is not and I don't really blame them but I blame the Police and their continuos check-ups there in UNDERCOVER. It happened to me more than once that there were full of cops and police-men IN UNDERCOVER hanging around at the Pool and at the Bars during night-time and day-time events searching for possible drug dealers, drug users, escorts, prostitutes and people that would hire escorts or prostitutes, not mentioning other crimes. When I've realized that the Roosevelt Hotel is connected with the Police Department secretly in trying to spot people who according to their judgments are not cool, I didn't find it an attractive place where to hang out and to be spending money for a good time. When you go to the restroom and you're seeing that the whole Pool-side floor has been rented out by undercover cops to arrest guys and girls that came to hang out there cause they thought it was a cool place to hang out and to party, you understand how corrupted that Hotel is. I am sure everyone that has noticed that ,will not going to want to go there to party again if on your way to the Restroom you're seeing a "potential" hooker getting arrested by an undercover, this was all going on while hundreds of people were trying to have fun by the pool. Which kind of fun is that? Thank you so much but if I decide to party and have fun I would not choose such a place and regarding UNDERCOVER cops, I wish they would have some other more serious business to take care of, there are much more bigger crimes happening in this city outside the Roosevelt Hotel.
Tropicana Poolside Bar/ Rosevelt Hotel/ Hollywood
Cori L. Jun 19, 2013
Located in the heart of Hollywood is the Historic Rosevelt Hotel and the Tropicana Poolside Bar, confortable setting, lounge chairs, poolside bar, and of course the people! If you like socializing, mixing with the "poolside elite" and VIP service.
great hotel for relaxing and enjoy fun
Frida W. Feb 1, 2013
The historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard mixes old Hollywood glamour with a young Hollywood crowd. The Spanish-style hotel, named after Theodore Roosevelt, is known for its active nightlife scene that includes multiple bars and clubs, most notably the Tropicana poolside bar and lounge.
Pool Bar
Sawyer H. Nov 26, 2012
The Roosevelt is a fun place to go on a random night. They have random events at their pool that are fun to go to. One thing they do it throw pool parties during the summer where they bring a bunch of pool toys and a DJ plays. Its fun to be in such a historic hotel especially when it involves rafts. Also if you happen to be at the hotel on a Wednesday or Saturday be sure to check out their club Beacher's Madhouse in the basement.
Nightlife Mecca
Jackie D. Nov 18, 2012
The Roosevelt is a great place to get your night started, or spend your entire evening. Their restaurant, Public Kitchen, provides revamped California style cuisine that's quite delicious. Afterwards, move on upstairs to The Spare Room. It's dimly lit, old school style creates both a party atmosphere, but one that can also be intimate. The best part about the bar is that there are two old fashioned bowling lanes! There is an additional cost, but where else can you say that you bowled and had a fantastic cocktail in your hand as well? They also have board games and retro punch bowls for groups. Besides SR, there's also the Library Bar and Beacher's Madhouse, which I have yet to try out. Overall, the Roosevelt has a lot to offer, and it's up to you to take advantage of it.
Love the Library Bar
Danny M. Oct 19, 2012
The Roosevelt is the epitome of cool and hip when it comes to hotels, hotel bars, and the scene it attracts. As a result, the bars and clubs there can be difficult to get into unless you are well connected or willing to spend a ton of money. If you still want to experience the cool setting without the hassle I suggest checking out the Library Bar just off the main lobby area. It’s a tiny little space with very cool décor and creative cocktails (which apparently people are now calling “mixology”). Great for a date or a quiet place to chat with some friends. It’s small though so if it’s too crowded, grab your drink and just chill in the lobby…plenty of couches and great people watching as well.
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: “Classic Hollywood… but I would go on a Weekday”
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
A classic and glamorous Hollywood landmark, the Roosevelt Hotel is a mix of a modern young crowd with an old-Hollywood style and atmosphere. When I went to the Roosevelt for a friend’s birthday, we went to the bar outside by the pool. Surrounded by the beautiful hotel, we drank our cocktails, sat around a fire pit, and enjoyed conversation without the distractions of an indoor club or lounge. It was a weekday, so there wasn’t a crazy pool crowd that I have heard awful stories about. It was a bit cold the night we went, but if you plan to go during the summer, I can’t imagine a better place to go on a romantic date or even with a group of good friends. It’s also centrally located to many other venues and events in Hollywood, so it’s a perfect place to drop in for a drink as well.
Great Hotel, Avoid the Jersey Shore Pool Scene
Jason M. Sep 13, 2012
My dad stayed at this hotel and enjoyed the experience. However, this review is for the pool. I read good things online about the pool as being an entertaining Hollywood scene, maybe like something you see on the big screen. In fact, the pool itself had been on the big screen several times. I had some people in town and thought it could be fun. I didn't realize quite what we were getting into. If you are a young, single dude, perhaps on steroids who maxes out his credit cards to pay for his watch and sunglasses--or a girl who is looking for such a guy--this is your place. If you just got your tips re-frosted or a tattoo of your own name across your back, this is your place. Ladies, if you just got a fresh tramp stamp and a new G string to show off your newest plastic surgery investment, this is your place. There's a dj just waiting to spin while you get the next best experience to a Las Vegas Day Spa. I feel a million years old typing all that, but really I'm not. Let's see if I can put things another way? Oh, how about: If you watched Jersey Shore because you thought they were cool instead of to make fun of them, make your reservations for the Roosevelt Hotel Pool next Saturday. Yes, the pool demands reservations.
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