Sunset Strip Music Festival Music Festival Every year in August

Sunset Strip Music Festival - Music Festival in Los Angeles.
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The Sunset Strip Music Festival is an annual non-profit event that takes place on one of the most famous streets in the world, the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The Strip has a long and rich musical heritage... ... read more

Sunset Strip Music Festival Videos

slash and fergie "barracuda" at the sunset strip music festival 8-28-10
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slash and fergie "barracuda" at the sunset strip music festival 8-28-10 76,656 views
SSMF 2011 - Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls" Sunset Strip Music Festival 8-20-11 5,239 views
Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train Sunset Strip Music Festival 2009 2,066 views
Jimmy Bennett Single Release Party Kicking Off the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2,785 views
Beardo - "Fight for your Right" (Sunset Strip Music Festival) 12,773 views
Come Down, Bush Live at the 2011 Sunset Strip Music Festival 1,185 views
IRATION BAND at the Sunset Strip Music Festival 4,519 views

Sunset Strip Music Festival Description

Sunset Strip Music Festival - Music Festival in Los Angeles.

The Sunset Strip Music Festival is an annual non-profit event that takes place on one of the most famous streets in the world, the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

The Strip has a long and rich musical heritage, with bands such as the Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Birds having jumpstarted their career at the various clubs in the area. Since 2008, the Sunset Strip Music Festival has aimed to promote and preserve the live music scene that the Sunset Strip is famous for cultivating.

The three-day festival features more than 70 diverse musical acts performing not only at some of the Sunset Strip’s most popular venues (the House of Blues, Roxy Theatre, Viper Room, Key Club, and Whisky A Go-Go), but also in the streets, as the festival culminates with the closing of Sunset Boulevard for an all-day, outdoor celebration.

The two main stages on the street itself are called the West Stage, which is outside the Key Club and the East Stage, which is in front of the Whisky. Sunset Strip Music Festival tickets can be purchased from the festival website. There are two types of tickets at the Sunset Strip Music Festival: the first is general admission that generally costs $75+ per day, while the second is VIP that can be $135+ but includes better viewing vantage points and priority access to all venues and stages. There is also a 3-day VIP pass for around $250. All tickets provide access to all stages and venues.

Past performers at the Sunset Strip Music Festival include Matt & Kim, Kid Cudi, Cobra Starship, Felix Cartal, Public Enemy, Talib Kewli, and Mickey Avalon.

Sunset Strip Music Festival User Comments

Sandy S. Aug 23, 2012
Woah what a festival! I don't know if you can compare the Sunset Strip Music Fest to any of the other festivals around but this is slowly becoming a must to attend for every music lover. What makes it unique is obvious the charm of the legendary Sunset Strip intermixed with the fact that you get to listen to a nice mixture of independent as well as mainstream bands. This year (2012) it was held from Aug 16-18 with Saturday being the last and the biggest night of them all. The coolest part is that most of the Sunset Strip is cordoned off so you can walk freely and soak in the festivities but it also means that parking is going to be a nightmare if you ever try and drive upto this place. Your best bet is to come early and park it on any of the surrounding streets of Fountain Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd. The unique nature of this festival is that there are several bands playing in the famous clubs like Key Club, Roxy, Whisky a-gogo etc.. as well as having 2 outdoor stages which is great as everywhere you go, you are not too far away from different styles and types of music. As you might have guessed already, alcohol flows freely but as always pre drinking is always recommended if you want to save some cash. The ticket for the festival which allows you to go to any club of your choice and gave you street access was priced at a healthy 75 bucks (cheapest range) but you can't really complain much once you have been to it. Overall I have been to this twice and I have loved every time I have been here. If you come to have a good time without any expectations you will never be disappointed. My only grouse is that the Viper Room (for whatever reason) is not a part of the festival and I really hope they are included next year.
Deepak H. Aug 19, 2012
For all the rock fans, this is a super mini Woodstock! The time where the sunset strip is closed to traffic and legendary clubs like Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy, Key Club open their doors to the public for free (Not exactly free considering you paid a hefty sum for the ticket to the festival!). During this great festival, you have continuous music being played in each of the clubs and the outdoor stages, though the outdoor stages mainly show the bigger bands. For all the non music fans, this is a good excuse for you to have loads of booze and just people watch all in the pretense of enjoying music and if you play your cards right, you may just be going back home with one of them! Also, they usually have a beer garden kind of area halfway through the strip not that there is any lack of alcohol in any of the clubs on the sunset strip and if that is not there is a Rock and Reilly's irish pub right next to the Whisky. The festival is for 3 days but the main day is usually the last day (which is conveniently a Saturday) where the bigger bands take the stage and 1 -3 super famous bands playing later in the end of the day to mark the end of the festival. Motley Crue and Deadmau5 took to stage in 2011 and in 2012 it was Offspring, Steve Aoki and Marilyn Manson! I reiterate my statement, if you are a music fan looking to hear some of the mainstream bands or discover newer smaller bands, this festival is for you! If you are not a music fan but you are looking to do some people watching or just meet new people, then this festival is for you!
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