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A few generations ago, hippies converged on public spaces to make every L.A. day into a makeshift music festival. These days, L.A. kids are more likely to get their peace, love, and rock & roll – and electric tracks, hip-hop beats, and twee folk music – at music festivals. Los Angeles music festivals aren’t limited by the seasons as they are in other cities, and the spread-out geography means that every pocket of this town has its own music parties going on.

Take jazz, for example. The Long Beach Jazz Festival, Angel City Jazz Festival, Watts Towers Jazz Festival and Day of the Drum Festival, the Playboy Jazz Festival (at the Hollywood Bowl), and many, many others coexist in the same city, providing a buffet for any Angelino jazz fanatic. These aren’t bland stroll-in-the-park jazz “festivals” around a park gazebo either. The Playboy Jazz Festival, for example, features the biggest names in jazz, along with future jazz headliners delivering an exciting mix of everything from standards and blues to Latin beats and world fusion.

Music festivals in Los Angeles morph to meet the styles of all kinds of music fans. Topanga Days marries music and state-fair nostalgia, where pie-eating contests take place next to jam bands. Too mellow? Get down with your hands up high to the latest hip-hop stars and reunited groups at Rock the Bells. Want something completely different? Not enough dancing? The Love Festival brings in the biggest names in electronic music.

Groove to your favorite bands and soon-to-be favorite bands in parks and in canyons across L.A. The 1960s spirit is alive at the city’s music festivals, even if the music has changed.

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