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El Compadre (Echo Park) - Mexican Restaurant in Echo Park, LA

Tucked between artsy Silver Lake and up-and-coming Downtown L.A., Echo Park is a haven for low-key Angelenos looking for a drink without any hoopla. Bars in Echo Park offer a solid reflection of the neighborhood as a whole: fun-loving, hipstery, and inexpensive.

Most Echo Park bars are on Sunset Boulevard. The Gold Room brings in the after-work crowd and Average Joes who want “The Special,” a shot of tequila and can of PBR for $4. A short walk east from there is Little Joy Cocktail Lounge, which was once perhaps the diviest of offerings in this area. But the joint has cleaned up its act with simple renovations that add a touch of hipster class. The pool table remains, but fortunately the God-awful bathrooms do not.

Just down the block is Short Stop, one of Echo Park’s finest dives. With a booth-lined dance floor where the lights go dim when the DJ plays, a billiards room with a tiny cove next to it, and a center area with a long bar, this place fills up fast with Coachella kids ready to jam out. The caged smoking pit in the back always seems to be crowded.

Anyone looking for craft beer or wine in Echo Park should check out El Prado, a favorite haunt for locals who don’t mind that there are no liquor offerings. Gastropub lovers are advised to stop by Mowhawk Bend, where sustainable cuisine and fine microbrews draw in eco-conscious eastsiders.

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