Melody Gardot Concert Sep 22, 2012 8:00 pm

Melody Gardot
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  • melody gardot
    without music we would not groove, we would not dance, we would not fall in love......we would not feel connected....even when we are apart
    11:13 PM Feb 25 via Twitter Web Client
  • melody gardot
    surrounded by beauty, beautiful writers and beautiful views. what more can a poet desire?
    8:03 PM Feb 25 via Twitter Web Client
  • melody gardot
    just finished a photo shoot in Lisbon with a great team, and a great photog - something new, something real and something simple.
    3:14 PM Jan 29 via Twitter Web Client

Melody Gardot Videos

Melody Gardot - Baby I'm a Fool
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Melody Gardot - Baby I'm a Fool 1,066,230 views
Melody Gardot - La Vie En Rose 1,206,444 views
Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart 1,028,778 views
Your Heart Is As Black As Night 701,311 views
Melody Gardot - Our Love is easy - 526,162 views
Melody Gardot - Official Video 1,633,198 views
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