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The Los Angeles DJ scene has something for clubbers of all kinds. Hardcore, dedicated partiers flock to DJ events in Hollywood at places like the Avalon, which once hosted a famous British band called The Beatles. These days, the massive establishment draws top-notch British, American, and all sorts of international A-list DJs who never disappoint a crowd packed with actors, producers, writers, and other show business brass. Similarly, Greystone Manor in Beverly Grove is a picture of opulence, making it one of the city’s most desirable havens for big-name DJs.

Tinseltown boasts a slew of weekly DJ events and residencies, too. EDM fans crowd into Hollywood’s Dim Mak studios – owned by legendary artist and producer Steve Aoki – on a nightly basis. This DJ-friendly venue features rowdy weeknights like “Dim Mak Tuesdays” which showcases up-and-coming DJs from around the globe.

SoCal’s biggest city is chock-full of DJ-centric clubs, lounges, and pop-up shops. Whether swanky citizens prefer DJ events in Hollywood or similar bashes in other neighborhoods, one thing is for certain: there is no shortage of DJ events in Los Angeles.

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