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The Groundlings Theatre - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Groundlings improvisation and sketch comedy theater has been entertaining LA audiences for decades, and will no doubt continue to do so for decades to come. Founded by Gary Austin in 1974, the entirely non-profit... ... read more

The Groundlings Theatre Videos

"Chemistry" at The Groundlings Theatre
"Chemistry" at The Groundlings Theatre
Weekend in Venice Improv @ The Groundlings Theatre
Exclusive: Lisa Kudrow At The Groundlings Theatre
"Hooters Hollywood" at The Groundlings Theater
The Groundlings Writing Lab: Improv "Site Seeing"
The Groundlings Writing Lab: Improv "Poetry Panel"

The Groundlings Theatre Information

The Groundlings Theatre - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.

The Groundlings improvisation and sketch comedy theater has been entertaining LA audiences for decades, and will no doubt continue to do so for decades to come.

Founded by Gary Austin in 1974, the entirely non-profit theater is composed of thirty company members (officially known as “Groundlings”) who write and perform in the Groundlings Theatre’s shows and teach classes at the Groundling’s School.

The school has been one of the foremost comedy training grounds in Hollywood, serving as the springboard for countless careers. Famous alumni include Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Michael McDonald, Kathy Griffin, Chris Parnell, and many more, all of whom regularly performed on the theater’s unassuming little stage, which hosts a regular schedule of stellar comedic acts every week.

And all of whom are known to drop back in on occasion for one of the regular comedy shows at The Groundlings.

The Groundlings Theatre User Reviews

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Erica L. Aug 8, 2013
Laughed out loud at all shows, but my top favs are these long-form shows: 1. Mitch and Edie Make Love 2. The Black Show If you want to have unexpected laughs, maybe take a date, and share an inexpensive time, then I highly suggest checking out a Groundlings' show. I have seriously guffawed, and sometimes, my suggestions have been incorporated into the show -- extra fun! Book at least a day in advance, as shows sell out. Park off of Melrose Avenue.
Must See!
Sam D. Feb 27, 2013
Along with Second City in Chicago, Groundlings is the biggest feeder to SNL. That quality reflects in their shows, each of which are hilarious and individually tailored based on contributions by the audience. I make it a point to vist each and every semester and look forward to each visit. My favorite thing they do is they ask the audience for contributions, say a scene or a location. The troupe then improvs it on the spot. Even better, they often feature alumni and other famous comedic stars, many of whom are highly recognizable - Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, etc. Get your tickets online and in advance because they are often sold out.
John I. Feb 27, 2013
MY FAVORITE PLACE. I once went twice within the same month. It never gets old! The fact that Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and Melissa McCarthy are all alums should convince you to go. Honestly, there’s hasn’t been a time when I wasn’t pissing myself laughing. I’d call it mature family fun. The humor isn’t inappropriate and doesn’t rely on crude humor or sexual remarks to be funny. But it really is meant for an audience sixteen and older as advertised. The improv is simply phenomenal and I don’t believe they’re able to do that on the spot. Don’t be turned off by its location. The Groundlings are truly a hidden gem in Los Angeles. Do reserve tickets online! The theatre is not that large and shows are always sold-out. They do, however, often offer two show times in a given night.
Full of surprises -- good ones
David S. Feb 24, 2013
Ever gone to a beautiful park to hike an unfamiliar trail? That’s what a Groundlings show is like. The Groundlings are as well-established as Griffith Park, but each show combines new sketches and spontaneous improv. You won’t know what you’ll see next, but it’ll be something you’ve never seen before -- and odds are good that you’ll like it. The Groundlings is a popular spot for both tourists and natives. The shows’ improv segments, when the performers ask for suggestions, give you a chance to impress your date with your cleverness. (At one show, the audience had to supply the first line for an improvised poem, and I shouted, “Bring on the midgets!” -- which inspired a rhymed invitation to dinner for little people where the main course was short ribs.) The shows can be uneven, and the weakest sketches feel like bad Saturday Night Live routines. But in a world of factory-tooled sitcom jokes and hoary talk-show monologues, Groundlings performances deliver lively, refreshing fun.
Great Entertainment
Kaylyn L. Feb 19, 2013
The Groundlings is one of my favorite things to do on a weekend night out in L.A. Not only will you be laughing throughout the entire show, but the comedians are famous or on the brink of becoming famous. It is a high quality performance for a decent price and is a perfect place for adults of all ages.
non-stop laughter
Anna V. Nov 19, 2012
The Groundlings is a MUST if you have the chance to go. When I went I was laughing non-stop the entire show, as was the rest of the audience. I loved it when the incorporated the audience, and even when they are not they keep you engaged and laughing the entire time. I have never been to their improv shows, but I can image they are just as great as the main ones. The theater is very small, so definitely buy your ticket in advance! I love walking in and seeing all the photos on the wall of people you recognize from TV who have been Groundlings.
funniest nights
Callie S. Nov 19, 2012
There is not much to say about this place besides that you must go here. For $20.00 you get to laugh for about two hours straight. The Groundlings is one of my favorite outings. While the main show on friday and saturday nights is probably my favorite and a sure fire bet that it will be good, the improvisational show right afterwards is also very funny most of the time. My favorite part of this comedy show is that the venue is small so it makes it more of an intimate experience, which really adds to it being special. They have amazing ways of incorporating the audience as well. SInce the venue is located on Melrose, there are great places to go to dinner before or after the show, which makes it a truly special night out in LA. Make sure you make it to this place; you won't regret it.
An Institution
Brett C. Nov 14, 2012
Groundlings is a comedy institution on par with Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, and the pictures of alumni like Will Ferrell, Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman), and Kristen Wiig in the lobby really reinforce how many of their performers go on to Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central, and fame in general. The last time I was there was for the Crazy Uncle Joe Show, their Wednesday night long-form improv show, and it was absolutely hilarious! The cast included Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials and a few other comedians that I now frequently recognize in various commercials. The jokes came at a rapid pace as the cast took a few initial suggestions from the audience and then performed with no breaks for about 40 minutes. After a brief intermission they started all over again and were equally as brilliant with a new round of suggestions and improv. The theater is small and intimate, so you can really feel the performers’ energy, and every seat has a great view of the stage. For a hysterical night out and a chance to see some of tomorrow’s brightest comedy stars, treat yourself to a night of improv and/or sketch comedy at Groundlings.
Jayson M. Nov 9, 2012
You will laugh your ass off. The theater itself is fairly small (I think I was told it only holds 100 people) so you probably want to get a ticket in advance. Usually around 20 bucks a ticket, which is not bad if you want to go on a date but don't want to hit the movies. You will probably see people you recognize on the stage. You will pee a little. Parking blows on Melrose but head up to the surrounding side streets (north is usually better) and you will find something a couple blocks away. Great performers, funny sketches, and good times. There’s a reason it has been around for so long.
Gut Busting
Paul F. Aug 15, 2012
One of the funniest nights I ever had was at a Groundlings show. The theater is small so you always feel like you're part of the show and you will undoubtedly recognize the performers on stage from various Comedy Central shows and the occasional SNL cast member. The show I saw, the comedian gave everyone in the audience a laser pointer and had them create constellations on the wall. In the end, everyone shined them on the comedians crotch - funnier to see than to describe, but the whole place was dying. If you want a good date night spot that's not mainstream stand-up comedy, come here. It's all improv and it's usually brilliant.
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