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Westwood Brewing Company Looking for more information on Westwood Brewing Company in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for photos, reviews, and more for this great UCLA bar! Los Angeles United States 34.060834 -118.444465
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Westwood Brewing Company - Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Commonly known as “BrewCo” to the UCLA crowd just up the hill, Westwood Brewing Company is a popular bar for students looking to dance, sing (badly), laugh to a little stand-up, or get some studying done... ... read full review

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    Daily 11:30am–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Westwood Brewing Company Review

The Scene

Looking for more information on Westwood Brewing Company in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for photos, reviews, and more for this great UCLA bar!

Commonly known as “BrewCo” to the UCLA crowd just up the hill, Westwood Brewing Company is a popular bar for students looking to dance, sing (badly), laugh to a little stand-up, or get some studying done over a few rounds.

Despite the name and the old brewing bins on the ground floor, BrewCo isn’t actually a brewery, but they do offer roughly two dozen beers on tap and regular specials geared toward budget-minded undergrads.

Inside the simple and funky bar, preppy college kids sip $3 Happy Hour brews or cocktails with names like STD as they catch a game on several TVs, while study groups unwind with greasy grub and cheap grog beneath the rafters of the open ceiling.

Around 11pm, the undergrad crew rolls in full force, crowding the place to flirt, throw out a sporadic “whoop whoop,” and generally ensure lots of college memories go down the toilet.

Comedy and karaoke events several nights a week provide additional excuses to blow off class, while DJs on Wednesdays spin on the second-floor dance floor, bringing out a crowd of loyal EDM fans.

When there’s no DJ, a loud jukebox carries the night, though couples and the claustrophobic can usually escape the Top 40 to talk beneath a canopy of bright lights on the open brick patio.

A beacon of light for the barely twenty-one set, Westwood Brewing Company keeps its student clientele coming back every year. Or at least until they graduate.

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Tip from Lucas:

Don’t care for karaoke or comedy but need a midweek boost? Drop in on Wednesdays for $3 Long Island Ice Teas! Whoop! Whoop!

  • Crowd

    Study groups, rowdy UCLA undergrads, graduate students clinging to youth, nostalgic alumni, and a scattering of older business types and academics on occasion, mostly early 20s to mid-20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin the latest beats on Wednesdays starting at 10pm.

    Karaoke upstairs starts at 9pm on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and on Tuesdays at 10pm. Check venue’s Twitter page for daily updates.

    Stand-up comedy every night but Sunday starts at 10pm, open mic comedy on Tuesdays starts at 8pm. Check venue’s Twitter page for daily updates.

    Blaring jukebox features thousands of hit mainstream songs.

    Flat-screens above the bar favor sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Small menu of standard bar food like burgers and nachos.

    Happy Hour daily 4–7pm.

  • Prices

    Grub $8–$12. Beer $3–$6, cocktails $6–$8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, button-downs, shorts, jerseys, UCLA garb, club dresses, skirts, sandals.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Pretty much any day after 10pm for a bustling crowd of college partiers, karaoke, comedy, and DJs, or early in the day to study over a few beers.

  • Close By

    800 Degrees Pizza (10889 Lindbrook Drive), open until 2am, is a great spot for some gourmet customizable pizza for those looking for more substantial nosh.

Westwood Brewing Company User Reviews

Average rating:
UCLA's Most Versatile Bar!
Nicolas C. Jun 25, 2013
First off, it's worth saying that I AM a college student. However, with that being said, I can confidently say that UCLA's Brew Co is one of the greatest "college bars" that still gives off a welcoming vibe to older folk. The best part about the place is the fact that it is massive; that is, there are many different areas where different types of people gather to hangout and chat. For instance, there's the karaoke, which can be amazing (or not so) depending on how many drinks you've had, as well as WHO is on stage. Make sure to sign up early on the crowded nights! There is also stand up comedy, which is surprisingly good, considering the fact that it's mostly young comics. The second floor of the bar is usually where it gets more crowded on the nights where there are drink specials. Between the bottom inside floor and the double decker patios, there is a place for anyone who wants to simply grab a drink and meet people. Brew Co is closing by the end of the summer unfortunately, but until then, it's hands down the best place to meet up for a drink and meet great people!
Best Bar in Westwood
Brian N. Jun 24, 2013
Sadly, BrewCo is going to be closed by the end of this summer and Boiling Crab will be taking its place. BrewCo is definitely the best bar in Westwood and a staple for UCLA students. The venue is pretty large with the second floor opening up at night when it is at its busiest. They also hold special events on a daily basis such as karaoke and comedy nights. With BrewCo it’s the staff that sets it apart from the other bars. All of the bartenders and managers are friendly and make an effort to get to know most of the customers. They all move quickly and the drink selection is pretty extensive although as they are prepping to close many of the beers are going out of stock. In addition, the food here is great for the standard bar fare. During happy hour which is from 4 to 7pm, all appetizers are $5 and all beers are $4. If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by and check out BrewCo before it is gone for good.
An Overrated Bar
Gerard Nash G. May 20, 2013
After some coercion, I finally decided to drink at Brewco, and my experience was definitely below my expectations. I had heard that this is a great place to grab a couple of drinks with your friends, and it is, but the drinks are somewhat low in quality. They have some great ice teas every Wednesday night and there is a Karoake Night every Thursday, so if you are intoxicated enough, you will have a great time. Otherwise, this place is a little too overrated and not one of the best bars if you're looking for quality drinks.
Put this on your UCLA undergrad bucket list!
Gor G. May 16, 2013
The bar is a great place to hang out with friends and score some numbers. It's typically the first place you would go once you turn 21 as an undergrad. This is the place where you graduate from dorm drinking and party like the big boys do! They have the most amazing long island ice teas on Wednesday nights, for only $3. This place is gay friendly. It has a patio and a second floor. On Thursday nights they host a must go to karaoke night. You don't have to be a singer to enjoy a great night with the friends jamming to your favorite songs.
Hey Bro!
christine r. Apr 25, 2013
This is the To-Go bar if you're a Bruin. Definitely a west sider's bar. I wouldn't say it's as bro-y as a frat house but it's definitely testosterone-fueled dude bar. I've come here with some classmates and it's very casual and chill but can get rowdy during weekends and such. Besides that, if you're a beer man, you'll find unique and popular brews on draft for a pretty decent price. This bar isn't as primitive as some of the sports bars you'd find in Hollywood (i.e.Big Wangs) because it's harmless little UCLA kids so that's an upside so you're a chick, you don't have to be worried about getting hassled by some steroid monkey. There's a multitude of T.V.'s showing the most relevant sports program, so that's a plus if you're a dude. Other than that, there's some patio space and enough seating where you won't have to worry about standing up for the duration of your stay.
This bar is great for young people and it's somewhere I would recommend if you're trying to meet new people and party hard!
Denisse B. Apr 17, 2013
Brew Co is where the fun happens. This bar is right near the UCLA campus and it is a very popular hot spot for students. Usually it is very crowded on the weekdays after 9 or 10 so if you're looking for something calm and casual I would go before then. As a student, Brew Co. is the first bar I've ever been to so in my opinion its number one for my college experience. Here's the basic set up: theres's two floors, the first has tables and a bar for more of a social and interactive environment and the second floor right above the staircase is a room where the comedy skits hit the fan, its great to have a good laugh from time to time. Further down the second floor is where the dancing and singing takes place, its the best! Not to mention their great deals on drinks. Mondays and Wednesdays are a must! They have margaritas on Monday and long islands on Wednesday both for $3.00, the perfect price for the perfect night! And on top of that they have karaoke thursday, my personal favorite. Nothing says fun like getting wasted with friends and singing horribly to an awesome crowd. I love this place and I definitely recommend going if you're looking for a good time and a fun filled night.
Westwood "Bruin" Company
Leslie G. Mar 30, 2013
So many memories formed, then quickly forgotten under the haze of one cheap drink too many. As a recent UCLA grad my memories of BrewCo are both fond and fresh, and I would definitely recommend it to any college-aged students in the Westwood area. Admittedly, the appeal of BrewCo is higher if you're a UCLA student, as frequent trips make it easy to befriend the bartending staff (who MAY throw in free drinks after a while if you're nice to them) and become familiar with the hilarious "regulars" who frequent the karaoke stage. Additionally, half of the fun to be had is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, when the crowded nature of the bar ensures chance drunk encounters with about half of your social circle. However, with an open mind there is still much for non-Bruin patrons to gain from visiting BrewCo as well. As many previous reviewers have mentioned, the pints and Long Islands are easy on the wallet. The Darth Vader is a bit pricier ($10) but is worth trying just to experience the magical combination of delicious taste and appallingly high alcohol content. If you don't mind the claustrophobic nature of being toe to toe with bros then showing up after 9 on weeknights is fine, but if you'd rather not hang around undergrads while waiting 20 minutes for the bartender to serve you then come earlier in the evening or on weekends- Fridays and Saturdays are typically calmer. Insider tip- the main downstairs bar has board games available upon request, which can be a fun way to pass the time on some of the quieter nights.
College Kids Only
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
If I didn't go to UCLA I would never go out of my way to go here. That being said, Brew Co holds a special place in my heart. Their original $2.50 Long Island Ice Tea nights on Tuesdays were the most popular and then the most hated on Wednesday morning. The place is huge, whether your downstairs, outside, in the award open area no one really sits in, up stairs on the patio or in the karaoke room. There is usually always mediocre comedy going on upstairs in one of the rooms that people will convince you to go into. I wouldn't go here to watch a game as there aren't too many TVs. The Hawaiian bartender is one of the greatest bartenders ever. Quite, shy, masculine, but packs a punch in his drinks that literally will throw you overboard. Ask for the Surfer on Acid or the Darth Vader; they're mini-drinks/big-shots/shooters and go down too quickly. Electro night has generally been on Wednesday and the dance area is pretty packed.
College Hangout spot
Jasmit N. Mar 26, 2013
All the UCLA students call Westwood Brewing Company Brewco. It is the spot where people who just turned 21 or are celebrating a birthday come. Everyone in there is usually a college student. They have comedy shows in one room and in another room they have another bar. They have two floors with the floor on top having the comedy room and bar with karaoke area. The have a wide variety of songs to karaoke to. The bartenders are really nice and chill people. There is a lot of space and on Thursday it is usually packed with college students. This is the place to be when you are 21 and older.
College central
Anthony James B. Mar 26, 2013
This is one of maybe 3/4 bars in westwood that all college students end up going to. This place is really what you make of it. There's not much variety in the people or atmosphere. If you come drunk with friends you'll probably have a good time. If you come sober you might have fun laughing at all the drunk karaokers. The bouncers can be assholes a lot of the time, but for the most part the staff is pleasant. The best nights to come are when they have their drink specials. It used to be $2 long island ice teas; not sure if that's still the case. Be careful though because they give you the worst hangovers.
I would recommend it
Amber K. Mar 26, 2013
Westwood brewing company is often referred to as BrewCo by ucla students. This place is great if you're looking for a classic college bar. It's got a nice vibe and theme. I find it quite entertaining especially since they have karaoke and stand up comedy at night frequently. The happy hour is also decent. the prices are reasonable and the items are not overpriced. Overall, if you're looking for a laid back, college bar that is entertaining, this is the place for you ! I would recommend giving it a try. People who visit here usually like coming back.
Great College Bar
Ellen C. Mar 26, 2013
Brewco is a great place to go if you're looking for a laidback, college bar atmosphere. Most of the people who come here are undergrads, and the bar gets pretty crowded at night. The menu is diverse, so there will probably be something to please any kind of mood you're in! They have a good selection of beers and mix some good cocktails, or you can get dinner or an appetizer. They also do a lot of fun different activities and deals throughout the week - on Mondays you can get $3 margaritas, Fridays are karaoke night, and they offer a decent happy hour. They also have a wide array of spaces, like the outdoor patio and the upstairs bar area, which make for a fun atmosphere.
Fun Bar!
Kate K. Mar 21, 2013
If you are looking for the ultimate college atmosphere bar, then this place is great! I have gone there for midnight drinks and the place can get pretty crowded at night. It is open during the day as well, and is a good option for casual pre-dinner drinks. They also have some great bar food, I personally love the nachos! The selection of beer is very decent, and they mix great cocktails as well. They frequently have karaoke nights, held in the upstairs room, which are a lot of fun. All in all, whether you're looking for a laid back night or a fun night celebrating, this place can be either one!
Great College Atmosphere
Charnelle R. Mar 20, 2013
Brew Co is the best bars in Westwood and they have different things going on on different nights- Karaoke, trivia night, comedy night etc. Drink are good and average price.
Great College Bar
Valerie Y. Mar 3, 2013
BrewCo is my favorite Westwood bar. My friends and I always chose this place to get drinks from. It has great drinks at a good price. They have karaoke and stand up comedy on the non-busy nights. They're both hit or miss depending on the people performing, but it's always fun with the right group of friends. $3 Margarita Mondays. Average drink is $8-9. I love the layout of the place too. It has this cute little outdoor section before you reach the upstairs. There are plenty of seats. I’ve been there many times and have never had a bad experience.
Pretty Typical College Bar
Duane L. Feb 28, 2013
Westwood Brewing Company, commonly called BrewCo among UCLA students, is pretty much your average college bar. It’s dark, not super clean, relatively inexpensive compared to other bars, and usually filled with college students. This is where I will typically go to with friends when we want a quick drink in the Westwood area and don’t feel like spending a little bit extra at places like Maloney’s or Barney’s. BrewCo can get packed on certain nights (Thursdays and weekends specifically) but on most other nights of the week it’s not super full and can make for a relaxed hangout spot. The beer selection is ok to me but I’m not a huge beer person so it doesn’t take much to impress me. The drinks are made fairly well I think. It’s good for college students!
Classic College Bar
Jeff C. Feb 25, 2013
The Westwood Brewing Company, or “BrewCo” as it is more commonly known, is a classic college bar located just a short walk away from UCLA that provides a lively destination for students and young professionals hoping to drink, sing and laugh their worries away. During the day, guests can expect a very laid-back atmosphere where they can enjoy some food and drinks with friends while watching the game or doing some last-minute exam prep. The food menu is stereotypical of any bar and while no item particularly stands out from the rest, the dozens of quality beers on tap provide plenty of good pairing options that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. However, as the clock hits 10 or 11 at night, the laid-back atmosphere disappears as a sea of undergrads and young twenty-somethings pour into the bar looking to take advantage of cheap drink specials such as Margarita Mondays and Long Island Wednesdays. As the night progresses, the party moves out into the courtyard and up to the second floor where impromptu comedy shows and ill-advised karaoke song choices are the norm. On Wednesdays, student-DJs give the jukebox a break, turning the second floor into an electronic dance club. On busier nights, which just so happen to coincide with the start of UCLA’s academic quarter and the nights right after midterms, the bar can get a little overcrowded, but the courtyard provides a great oasis for those looking for some fresh air. More importantly, even on these busier nights, BrewCo rarely has a line at the door, opting to let people come in as they arrive, rather than letting a line grow outside the bar in order to generate a buzz. Bottom line, BrewCo offers a stereotypical college bar atmosphere where students and yuppies can have unforgettable nights that they will never remember.
College Bar
Nick R. Feb 24, 2013
BrewCo is one of the go to bars for relatively cheap drinks in the village, with most people who go being college students or professionals from the Wilshire Corridor offices. Margarita Monday and Long Island Wednesdays are pretty popular because of good drink specials (which is all that college students really care about). So for cheap drinks, lots of space to roam around that doesn't get too stuffy, and close walk to the apartments/dorms, this is a good starting point. There is also comedy and karaoke that happen throughout the week, which can be a lot of fun depending on what kind of mood you are in.
Westwood Brewing Company
Brody E. Feb 14, 2013
I am not a UCLA Student, I don't get BrewCo, and neither will you. Unless you are a UCLA student that is. I was living in Westwood for the summer and this place was one of the only venues available. While the setup itself isn't bad, during the summer (when school is out) the place is only busy one night a week. My biggest pet-peeve about the place is, despite the name, they don't have any home-brews. I was expecting a small micro-brew at the very least but no such luck. If you are going here for the drinks, you will be disappointed. The outside space isn't bad, the dance floor upstairs is fine if you want to hit on UCLA students. But if you are to ask me, the saving grace and only thing that kept me from ranking this 1 star is the standup they have irregularly. They promote local and small time talent, but I went twice and had fun both times. Bottom line, if you want to surround yourself with UCLA students this is the place to be. The location makes it a very popular loca'l for the students~ when school is in session at least. If you don't however want to be surrounded by UCLA students, don't be fooled by the name. This is no Brewery.
UCLA Local
Nile C. Jan 31, 2013
Anyone that goes to UCLA or has in the past knows "BrewCo" as a go-to for a night out in Westwood and, considering the college town is light on nightlife, it is largely dominated by this scene of college students. For UCLA partygoers, Tuesday nights make BrewCo a full house, often leaving little room to socialize (or breathe). While bartenders pump out AMFs and Long Island Ice Teas to frat brothers, the non-college students are likely to feel uncomfortable in a sea of young couples and karaoke singers. Their drinks are decent (nothing fancy), their bar snacks standard, and the vibes is usually centered around conversation rather than dancing. The multiple rooms and levels- ranging from the karaoke room upstairs to the comedy room to the downstairs patio- offer opportunity to spread out and allows BrewCo to offer many different scenes all in one night. On nights less popular for college students, the restaurant/bar is usually dominated by random groups of young professionals, sports fans, or aspiring singers practicing their karaoke skills, but is notably less crowded without the UCLA crowd. For those looking for a consistent, reliable night out BrewCo is sure to provide some fun, laughs, and- most importantly- drinks. However, don't expect fancy drinks (no St. Germain martinis here) or a particularly classy scene, BrewCo is at most UCLA's favorite local college bar.
A UCLA standard
Katie F. Jan 23, 2013
Bringing a group of friends to BrewCo won't make for a bad time. True, this bar is aptly described by many 'college bar' stereotypes - typically loud, often crowded, full of students - but it has a few distinctly redeeming qualities. BrewCo's division into smaller sections makes for nice changes of pace. Downstairs, there are two separate indoor rooms separated by a medium-sized outdoor patio. One of these downstairs room encloses the main bar - lots of great beers on draft! I'd definitely say BrewCo has a leg up on the local competition in terms of selection. An outdoor staircase connects the bar's lower level to the smaller patio and second bar upstairs. The upstairs bar is inside another indoor section which features boisterous karaoke every night of the week. This room can be rented for private events and also sometimes features live DJs or local bands. This upstairs bar can get pretty steamy, especially during marathon college crooning sessions, but the upstairs patio offers a much needed breeze. Also adjacent to the upstairs patio is a small comedy club - frequently worth a tipsy laugh or two. --- Pros: outdoor patios, karaoke, more beers on draft than your average bar, $3 drink specials (Monday's margaritas, Wednesday's Long Islands), legendary bathroom graffiti (just trust me on this one). Cons: crowded on popular nights, upstairs bar gets steamy quickly, relatively predictable scene. GO: If you're looking to socialize with a real local, college crowd; If you want to catch any UCLA sporting event with friends or beers or both; If you're looking for a lively Thursday night; If you're bringing friends. Don't: If you're looking for the swankier bits of the Westside; If you're trying to impress out of town guests
Typical College Bar
Lauren G. Jan 3, 2013
BrewCo is your typical college bar, popular among UCLA students. Downstairs, there's a nice courtyard and a standard bar. Upstairs has karaoke, which can be pretty entertaining when someone who's had a few too many $3-long islands gets on stage. There's also a mini comedy club, which usually consists of grad students trying out their new "material", and it's commonly met with awkward silence. The food is decent for bar food. I recommend the nachos, if anything. Watching a UCLA game on the TVs is fun here because there are always drink specials during the time of the game. On Monday nights, they have $3 margaritas, on Wednesday nights, they have $3 long islands. These are popular for college students looking to have fun on a budget. The upstairs bathroom is often broken or the line is long. Not to worry! The bathroom stalls downstairs have crudely humorous love poems written all over. One of the gems I found was, "Here I sit / Brokenhearted / Tried to s*** / But only farted." Overall, this is a fun bar for college students, but there's nothing particularly great about it.
Oh Brewco
Julie T. Nov 20, 2012
I've been here too often, so maybe my first few times were more of a 3 star thing, but now that I am past the college bar scene, I don't know how down I am anymore to see everyone I know and their moms (literally during parents weekend I actually met a few of my friend's parents who were in town). What I can say is that it is a pretty large place. The downstairs has one room that is more quiet, and another section that is the bar and a good place to just chill with friends and grab a good beer. In the back there is a section for groups and is usually pretty quiet during the busy hours, and inside the courtyard and in the upstairs area is for people who need a breather/smokers. There's another small room upstairs which is usually set for comedy and the main room upstairs has a bar, and usually has karaoke or a DJ, or once in a while on Saturday nights, live bands playing. Wednesdays is a good day to go in to get wasted- $3 Long Islands. It's a typical scene to see a friend go 'These aren't strong- I've had like 5- Why is everything so funny I feel so loopy right now? I think I'm blacking out..." This is also a good night for dancing where they'll place a bunch of electro/house music. STD's are really good girly drinks that are very strong Darth Vaders are good if you like yager. Last tip: go into the bathrooms and read the graffiti, I find them über hilarious.
Classic College Bar
Chris M. Nov 14, 2012
BrewCo is your classic college bar in the college town of Westwood that just happens to be surrounded by Los Angeles. It's exactly what you'd expect with decent bar food like burgers and chicken tenders, good specials on drinks especially on weeknights, and lots of students. Where it differs is that there are lot more beers on tap than a lot of college bars and they have a patio and upstairs area that is pretty cool as well. The patio is really an internal courtyard but it is perfect for LA and then there are some stairs leading up to another bar in a smaller upstairs room. The room can be rented or reserved for events, I went to a bunch of club social events here as a student, and other nights it is just open as another bar. They also do some open mic stuff up there, but I never went to that. Brewco really is just a classic college bar in that comfortable sense, nothing more nothing less and I wouldn't travel too far to go here, but if you are in Westwood it is usually a fun time with a good vibe.
Local bar brews fun social scene in Westwood Village
Albert H. Nov 13, 2012
The Westwood Brewing Company is only located 10 minutes in walking distance away from the campus of UCLA and is a great place for students to hang out when they are not stressing themselves out from studying. Upon arriving to the venue, guests are immersed in a chill relaxing atmosphere set by the Spanish style architecture of the surrounding buildings and that of the venue itself. If guests were to come in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, they will find the place to be a very lively, social atmosphere. Wednesday nights are great since the place offers $3 Long Island drinks for students looking to save a few bucks. The music pumping from the speakers provide additional mood to the environment, but the volume is low enough for people to be able to converse audibly to each other. As guests explore the venue a little further beyond the front entrance, they find that the bar is built with two floors. The first floor consists of the main bar with sport channels displayed on every flat screen TV’s and an open roof courtyard. Guests can follow the stairs up to the second floor where they can find a room that holds periodic comedy shows and a second larger room for karaoke nights where brave guests can go up to the stage and sing their favorite songs in front of a cheering crowd. Depending on the day, the karaoke room would alternate between holding karaoke nights and holding DJ nights where guests can shake it to their favorite tunes. But if the heat inside the crowded karaoke room is too much for the guests to stand, they can walk outside onto a patio where they can socialize with more people and take smoke breaks. The Westwood Brewing Company is not just for college kids, but is welcome to anybody who is out looking for a festive atmosphere and to sing their hearts out on stage.
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