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Victoria and Albert Museum - Art Gallery in London.
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INFO The Victoria and Albert Museum was established in 1852 as the Museum of Manufactures. The museum’s mission was to spread education by giving working citizens a chance to view inspiring works of art. The museum was able... ... read more

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Victoria & Albert Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum
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Meditation Flash Mob, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 19 Nov 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum Information

The Victoria and Albert Museum was established in 1852 as the Museum of Manufactures. The museum’s mission was to spread education by giving working citizens a chance to view inspiring works of art. The museum was able to make just enough money to buy a few establishing pieces for their collections.

Five years later, the museum was renamed the South Kensington Museum, after its new (and current) location. In 1899, Queen Victoria donated a beautiful stone façade to the museum’s main entrance. When the new building opened, the museum announced their new name in honor of the wonderful gift given by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is now the worlds largest decorative arts and design museum. The Museum’s permanent collection consists of more than 4.5 million pieces. The museum spans about 12.5 acres on which its 145 galleries are housed. Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum includes works from several continents. The works range from over 5,000 years, beginning in ancient times to present day.

There are 12 blue badge parking spaces available on Exhibition Road, however, these spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis. If traveling by tube, the Victoria and Albert Museum is a five-minute walk from the South Kensington underground station.

Victoria and Albert Museum User Reviews

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Varied and Atmospheric
Antonia H. Apr 6, 2013
The Victoria and Albert museum (V&A) is a wonderful homage to the love that the former Queen of England and her beloved husband held for the arts. Described as the world's greatest museum of art and design, and housing over 4.5m artefacts, it would certainly take you longer than one visit to truly discover every item and display within it. Entry is free, but some exhibits require prior booking with a fee. Arriving just after 10am, and manoeuvring past the crowds headed towards the Natural History Museum which is situated nearby, I started with the fashion galleries. These displays are a fantastic example of how both women and men have used clothing to express their status and personalities since 1750. The room is appropriately designed so that as you walk you journey through each period, noting the subtle changes in dress sense. The museum is large. As previously mentioned, it would take weeks to successfully view each item, but its size also means it's easy to get lost. The different floors and galleries appear endless. Even the museum's attendants admitted that they struggle to find their way around. That shouldn't, however, deter you from exploring. After a few hours weaving through rooms containing Asia's finest works to Tudor armouries, you can reward yourself with a fabulous afternoon tea. Service was quick, reasonably priced and it's possible to find a table either outside or in depending on the weather. A particular highlight was a gentleman lightly playing the piano in the central dining room while guests tucked into tea and scones. If time is of the essence, remember to pick up a leaflet from the front entrance telling you the top ten items to see in the museum. This included the first folio of William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, allowing for a fascinating insight into how theatre across the world has been shaped. The book itself is contained in a theatre exhibit displaying costumes, booklets, and even a reconstruction of singer Kylie Minogue's dressing room from one of her more recent tours. Those wishing to relive the excitement on London 2012 are able to sit and view highlights from the opening ceremony. A beautifully designed, classy and entertaining museum, the V&A will provide something for each generation to enjoy.
Royal Atmosphere
Taylor S. Mar 25, 2013
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were famous for their love and support of the arts. That appreciation floods the halls of the V&A Museum, making it feel like an exciting and important museum to visit. I feel that Dale Chihuly's blue and yellow glass chandelier that hangs in the main entrance exemplifies the royal atmosphere of the museum. When I visited in the summer of 2012, you couldn't enter a Tube station without seeing an advertisement for the Ball Gown Exhibit. That exhibit was a must-see for both fashion and history lovers. Through the gowns, you could see the extravagance of a different era as well as the evolution of class. I spent a good amount of time exploring the theatre and performance area. I was able to see things such as Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies (First Folio). It was a very thick book, of course, with yellowed pages. Without this folio, half of his plays would be unpublished. It contains 36 plays, 18 of which were previously unpublished. Without this, we would be lacking in literature and theatre. Another entertaining element was all of the outfits of famous rock legends such as Mick Jagger, Elton John and Jimmy Page. Platform shoes and all. Everywhere you look in the V&A, there is something new to discover. It's a trip that could last a whole week, so plan accordingly. Pick out the areas that you know you must-see because, trust me, you'll definitely get lost in other exciting exhibits along the way. I believe that this is a museum that would make their royal highnesses proud.
London's Finest
Julianne I. Feb 15, 2013
Anyone who is travelling to London should make it a goal to stop at the V&A museum. There is an incredible mix of modern and classic art, artifacts, and exhibits. I went specifically to visit a theater exhibit and found myself spending almost the entire day there looking at royal dresses from centuries ago, along with taking a stroll out to the magnificent courtyard that should be an exhibit in itself. It is also in a prime location with tons of restaurants and culture surrounding it. Plan to spend at least half a day there - though if you're like me you'll find your whole day to be gone before you know it!
Beautiful, inspiring and free
Lyndsey W. Feb 10, 2013
The V&A Museum is a unique and essential London experience, it is more of a playground of inspiration than a classic museum. To begin with entry is free so this one isn't going to hurt your wallet and it connects via a tunnel to the nearest underground station so it is very easy to locate. The displays are there to delight as well as to inform, inviting you to explore art and fashion both historical and modern, from all cultures around the globe. Among the array of exhibitions you will find golden Buddhas and Christian imagery available for the spiritually inclined, whereas a dark atmospheric jewellery display is available for those who prefer more earthly, extravagant artistry. The cafe stretches from a grand courtyard to a series of beautifully decorated, high ceilinged rooms inside, making even a quick stop for a drink an experience in itself. Remember to check what the temporary exhibitions are before you go as pre-booking is often necessary; these exhibits frequently sell-out and have previously included a selection of Grace Kelly's dresses and Hollywood costumes.
Good Museum
Jody P. Dec 10, 2012
I havent been to the Victoria and Albert Museum in a long time it was really good. It is a huge museum with tons of exhibits to see. I don't think I even got through the whole thing. They have all different eras of artwork and artifacts as well as all different mediums. This is the kind of place that you would want to hit every time you are in London and you would never get sick of it. There is just so much to see and so much variety in exhibits.
Super Awesome Museum
Craig B. Dec 9, 2012
This place rocks. A lot of the museums in London are free, but if I were to pick one museum to go to forever, the Victoria and Albert would be my choice. It's got the range (as far as nationality, from Islamic and Chinese to proper British; as far as media, from jewelry to fashion to traditional painting; as far as era, from Gothic to modern), and it's got the depth (room after room after room for each). And it's got more than enough space to reflect on what you're looking at, particularly the inner courtyard. It's simply a wonderful place to look at art.
Solid London Museum
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
London is far from starved for free museums. In fact, if you came to London just to see the free museums and not spend any money on other tourist attractions, you could perfectly occupy three weeks, if not a month. And this museum is one of the first you should visit. The museum has a split personality—there are fashion sections in addition to the plethora of artwork, which pays fair attention to the Middle and Far East considering Europe’s bias towards, well, Europe—but that makes it all the more an adventure to be had.
I usually don't love museums but...
Kira A. Sep 27, 2012
The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the best museums I've ever been to. I really love the V&A because it has a vast variety of beautiful art, sculptures, glasswork, clothing from different eras, etc. Instead of being organized chronologically, the V&A is separated into different sections based on countries and cultures. The V&A also has great exhibits that change every few months. When I was studying abroad in London there was a Ball Gown exhibit that featured gowns from the 1920's- present day. I ended up visiting the museum 4 or 5 different times in a span of 6 months, and it was a great experience every time!
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