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Partying in London: Highlights for Barhoppers and Sports Lovers

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Dancing it up at Electricity Showrooms in London!

Dancing it up at Electricity Showrooms in London!


Café Kick

Café / Sports Bar

Café Kick - Café | Sports Bar in London.

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Jun 3, 2012 —  London’s pub culture offers a day and night drinking scene that’s pretty much the same on every corner of the city.

The beer is always flowing, the people are always in good spirits, and each pub makes you feel like you’re hanging with friends at your very own neighborhood bar. The only downside is that almost all of the pubs close early, usually around 11pm.

Once the pub scene winds down though, the bar scene ramps up and there are plenty of venues in Soho or Central where you can keep pounding pints and possibly find yourself on a raucous dance floor.

As for daytime activity, one of the best hangover cures is kicking around a football in one of the many parks – and maybe even catching fifteen minutes of London’s rare spots of sun.

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Anonymous Jul 28, 2012
Um, I can't imagine a better night than barhopping in London and meeting dozens of heavily-accented Brits.
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