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Halloween at The Church 2014 - Holiday Event | Club Night in London

As one of the biggest, wealthiest, and wildest cities in the world, London has a great reputation for a late-night party scene that can typically be found on club nights all over the city. Whether you’re looking for big-name DJs, incredible live music, or underground raves, London provides it all in spades every night of the week.

Some of the best parties in London invariably take place at the clubs, and in almost every neighborhood, there are big-time DJs and live music clubs that cater to all types.

One of the biggest London party spots is at the Ministry of Sound. As one of (if not the most) massive clubs in the city, Ministry plays host to the world’s finest DJs and unbelievable all-night parties. Divided into five rooms, the club has four bars and four DJ booths, and every room is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting. Another mega-club in the city is Fabric. This Camden Town super-club is spread out over 25,000 square feet with multiple dance floors, VIP areas, and bars. Partiers stay till 7am to witness one-of-a-kind live music artists and world-renowned DJs and to dance like there’s literally no tomorrow.

London has a bevy of other club nights all over town, so if you’re looking for wild parties and some of the best dancing in the world, you won’t have any trouble finding London parties to satiate your reveling appetite.

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