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O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire Searching for concerts at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, and more for this incredible concert venue. London England 51.5038584 -0.2240817
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O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire - Concert Venue in London.
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INFO Part of the Academy Music Group Limited’s string of music venues, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire brings mainstream rock acts to Shepherd’s Bush Green. The 2,000-person space has the grandeur of an old movie palace, showing... ... read more

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire Videos

Coldplay - Viva la vida @ 02 Shepherd's Bush Empire, War Child - 18th February 2009
Coldplay - Viva la vida @ 02 Shepherd's Bush Empire, War Child - 18th February 2009
Coldplay - Back for good feat. Gary Barlow @ 02 Shepherd's Bush Empire, War Child
Golden Age: Live @ O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
Jessie J - O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire 5th April 2011
"Hawkwind" at the "O2 Shepherds Bush Empire",London,UK 13.12.2009
The Fury @ O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire 13/09/09 - Crowd Footage
White Lies - Death (Live at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 10 February 2011)

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire Information

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire - Concert Venue in London.

Part of the Academy Music Group Limited’s string of music venues, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire brings mainstream rock acts to Shepherd’s Bush Green. The 2,000-person space has the grandeur of an old movie palace, showing off architectural details from its 1903 debut as a music hall. Charlie Chaplin played at the theater, and the BBC used it as a television studio-theater mid-century. Its current incarnation as a music hall began in 1991.

Performances at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire have included The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, and Mumford and Sons. The room is a mixture of permanent seating and standing room on three tiers, giving concertgoers a choice in how to experience the show. Shepherd’s Bush Empire also throws club nights, with the main floor serving as the dance floor. The theater has multiple bars.

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Darwin Deez + San Cisco at the 02 Shepherd's Bush Empire
Kieran L. May 4, 2013
I'm going to be completely honest here. On Thursday afternoon I wasn't planning to attend the Shepherd's Bush Empire, I was content simply lying in Green Park, enjoying some well deserved sun after such a long and extended winter. This was all I had planned for the rest of the day until a friend called me up to tempt me from my reptilian-like slumber, with a plus one ticket to go watch the australian pop rocker Darwin Deez, supported by San Cisco. To which, I sheepishly replied "who?". Needless to say, I had no idea who either act was, but I took her up on her offer, deciding it would probably make my evening a little more interesting than anything I had planned. During the short walk from the tube station, I racked my brain trying to remember if I had been to the Shepherds Bush Empire before, and after entering the venue, I was still not sure. The problem for me being that there are many similarly lovely venues scattered across the capital, that after you've been to so many, the all begin to merge into one. This being said, the 2,000 capacity building has genuine character (built in 1903), with an air of grandeur about it that always helps to add something special to the atmosphere of any event. The gig sadly wasn't sold out, so with the empty space in the balconies and plenty of room to stroll to the bar or toilet (this could be seen as a plus to some), the vibe wasn't quite as electric as it maybe could have been. We arrived with the support act playing and I must admit that they did make a good impression on me. The music was what you would have expected from any 4-piece pop-rock outfit, but being from Australia, they add a distinctive surf-rock vibe to the mix and with the unexpected changing of lead vocalist between 3 of the members during their set, they had enough to set them apart and keep me engaged (which can be hard to do if you've never heard the band before). The drummer, often forgotten, stood out amongst the rest of the band, contributing her lovely vocals throughout and helped to inject San Cisco's high energy into the auditorium. The turnaround between the support and main act was fairly speedy (I've attended some gigs where your made to wait for over an hour). Although the auditorium was still sparsely filled by the time Darwin Deez arrived on stage, he was greeted to massive applause, from a dedicated crowd. That energy was then unfortunately lost as opposed to harnessed when the opening song off the new album, didn't seem to get the audience going. Throughout the night , the energy went up and down like a yoyo, depending on the song being played, with the classic older tunes, getting a warmer, more energetic response in comparison to the newer, you could say more experimental material (funny time signatures and all that). Put simply, it was a pop-rock audience, that didn't respond well to songs that weren't within their comfort zone. Don't get me wrong though, the audience picked up when the popular hits were pumping through the speakers, and the place jumped back to life again. I am often complaining about the sound quality in live music venues but I was rather impressed by the sound quality at the Empire and the mixing of the two bands was brilliant. The sound was clear, not too loud or distorted and the levels for everyone on stage seemed pretty perfect for both bands. The drum sound was what really what stood out for me, and is usually what smaller, less prestigious venues can't seem to replicate. As the evening came to a close, I was still no closer to knowing if I actually had been to the Shepherd's Bush Empire previously, but concluded that it's definitely a venue that I would like to see one of my favourite band's perform in and I can certainly understand why it has been awarded "Best Venue" 5 times at The Music Week Awards.
A great night for love and laughter!
Jazmine V. Apr 25, 2013
This place is actually on fire! I recently watched a comedy roast here at the O2 Empire with a few friends, it was great! For those that are unfamiliar with the term "comedy roast", this is an event in which a person (usually famous) allows themselves to be the subject of a series of comedic insults, usually carried out by other famous people or comedians. All banter of course :) The atmosphere inside was great, there were so many people and loads of drinks/snacks to choose from at the bar. There was a short interval and then back to the main show. I laughed so hard I cried and actually gasped for air. Comdedians on the night included Richard Blackwood, Kojo, ang guest stars from the popular BBC1 soap EastEnders! There were also upcomming comedians, hoping to make a good impression on the audience. All in all, it was a great night! Comdey roasts aren't the only events to take place at the O2 Empire however, there are also regular comedy shows, music events and concerts, poetry sessons, theatre productions, etc. Tickets are priced fairly too! I can't say I have any complaints!
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