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Barfly - Live Music Venue in London.
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INFO Formed in 1996, Barfly is a bar, club and live concert venue all in one. Located in London’s Camden Town neighborhood, Barfly promotes up and coming musical talent. Past performers at the Barfly include big names like... ... read more

Barfly Videos

Halfway to New York @ The Barfly - {Treading water}
Halfway to New York @ The Barfly - {Treading water}
Halfway to New York @ The Barfly - {Push}
Raunchy- Join The Scene (Live @ Barfly Camden (London Town LOL) 18/11/2010)
Snakes Hate Fire live You Left Me Out In The Rain @ Camden Barfly
Cerebral Ballzy - Camden Barfly.flv

Barfly Information

Barfly - Live Music Venue in London.

Formed in 1996, Barfly is a bar, club and live concert venue all in one. Located in London’s Camden Town neighborhood, Barfly promotes up and coming musical talent. Past performers at the Barfly include big names like Coldplay, Scissor Sisters, The Killers, The Strokes, and Adele.

Aside from their live music services, other services offered at Barfly include management, music publishing, and merchandising.

Furthermore, the versatile brand produces a music magazine called The Fly and operates a ticketing business.

While the venue in Camden is the company’s only operating location, the company promotes club nights at various venues within London as well. Tickets to these Barfly events can all be found and purchased directly on the Barfly website.

Barfly User Reviews

Average rating:
Perfect When Not Sure What Camden Town's Got To Offer
Alisa D. Jun 4, 2013
Barfly is a great place to choose, when you are not entirely sure what kind of vibe you are looking for in Camden Town. Although it definitely is not the fanciest venue, it is always a good time. The diversity of the crowd and the music makes Barfly a place that can catch you off guard (in the best way possible), and that puts you in the right mood when all you want to do is grab a drink, meet new friends from all around the world, and dance to the wildest and most random music (hearing Rihanna after jamming to The Cure is absolutely no surprise here). What most people who come to Barfly have in common, is that they are not ashamed of singing along to any tune that the DJ plays. The atmosphere is beyond friendly, and the fact that Barfly management does indeed allow you to dance on the tables only makes your night more unpredictable and more fun. Overall, come to Barfly if you want to meet new people, looking for a place to have a drink (or five) after some Camden gig, or if you are simply thirsty to get weird both to The Killers or Eminem's "Just Lose It".
Chill Night Out or 90s Dance Party
A K. May 9, 2013
Barfly is a great local standard. Located in the edgy Camden neighborhood, regulars love to tell you how this mid-sized bar was a favorite of Amy Winehouse. While some nights I can definitely imagine the sloshed singer enjoying some more of her poison in one of the dimly lit booths, if you hit the bar on a more crowded night I doubt she'd be caught dead there. I personally prefer the crowded dance nights: the DJ starts spinning a slew of 90s era throwbacks that gets the bar on their feet and dancing to JLopez' Jenny from the Block or Blackstreet's No Diggity. Some nights it does indeed get sweaty and over crowded but that usually only lasts until about 1am after which point the scene clears out enough to make it a more pleasant experience. Beware though, there is no guarantee what type of night it is going to be! I have been back multiple times and found that it just depends if its going to be a quieter night or not. Typically Thursday nights after 11:30 seem to be more happening but I have been there at that time when there were only a handful of patrons. Unlike some other venues in the area, the crowd is certainly of age. Mainly college aged or recent grads, the average age of patrons is about 23. Drinks are not fancy - consisting exclusively of your standard well drinks and a small variety of beers on tap - but also not expensive. Bouncers and bar staff have been exceedingly friendly.
Dark, Small and Sweaty
Taylor S. Mar 25, 2013
Are you into a dark and intimate atmosphere? Dancing so close to everyone that you can't even see where the walls are? Then the upstairs of Barfly is for you. This isn't a bad thing-- in fact, it's kind of hot, everyone contained in a small, black-walled room with a bar in the back and the stage in the front. You end up recognizing almost everyone in the room, conversation with strangers is frequent. When I was there, there wasn't a band on the stage, just a DJ that liked to take requests. That's always a good thing. Everyone danced freely, jumping around to Brit punk rock and stepping on each other's feet. Again, it is small, but it's part of the scene. I didn't mind being so close to everyone, it created a bond. The best part? Management didn't seem to have a problem with letting a group of American girls dance on stage for awhile. Anywhere that lets you dance on stage has to be pretty awesome, in my opinion.
Fun, Intimate Concert Club
Brett C. Nov 16, 2012
Barfly seems like an ordinary pub when entering from the street, with booths and televisions showing sports, but a back staircase leads up to a second level concert venue complete with its own bar. Being downstairs, you would never know that a concert is going on upstairs, and likewise you easily forget that there are people drinking downstairs while watching a show. I saw Male Bonding here in 2010 and was amazed at how intimate the 200-person club is. The sound system isn’t great, but with such an intimate room it doesn’t really matter. Openers Philadelphia Grand Jury even left the stage and performed a cover of “99 Problems” from the middle of the floor amongst the fans. Barfly is a great venue for acts with an energetic stage presence, and they book some bigger bands and up-and-comers among the local acts. Tickets are cheap, usually between 5 and 10 Pounds, but drink specials downstairs don’t apply upstairs, so grab a drink downstairs during intermission if you want to save a few quid.
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