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Lad’s Guide to New Year's Eve

Lad’s Guide to New Year's Eve

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Dec 12, 2014 —  As 2014 turns into 2015 one might want to reflect on the changing of the seasons, perhaps by reminiscing with a small glass of port in front of a roaring fire, or over quiet drinks with trusted friends. Or, if one prefers, a trip out to get alcoholic beverages and bring in the New Year with jagerbombs and mayhem. We know which option you’ll choose.

The key to a good New Year’s Eve and parties at pubs and people’s homes is to put a few steps of preparation in place, take as little as you can, and have a simple list of contacts and emergency numbers.

Before You Leave:

Alcohol is cheaper at home, there’s no doubt about it. So if you’re struggling for cash after the Christmas excess starting an hour or two earlier on some drinks at home before you depart will save money. As will alternating pints with water when you’re out, but we know you won’t do that…

Wear more than you think you’ll need, because you’ll be outside in the early hours of the morning for fireworks and frivolity. If you're going for a fancy dress theme, like something from Morph Costumes, it might be an idea to take a warm coat if the temperature hits freezing. You can always take the coat off for the big costume reveal!

You’ll also need more money than you think, to include entrance to pubs, snacks, drinks rounds, and a taxi ride home.

Take one card, a mobile phone, and possibly a driving license if you look underage. Think carefully of taking anything of expense that could be lost such as a wallet, watch, or earrings, because the crush on New Year’s Eve takes no prisoners. Get a list of everyone’s number and keep it in your back pocket in case any stragglers get cut off from the pack.

Finally, a few optional extras: a mistletoe (which will still work with ladies even though Christmas has gone, guaranteed), one of those little pencils you get in bookies shops (in case you need a girl’s number and your phone’s dead), mini-deodorant and breath freshener, an emergency taxi number, and the name and address of your hotel (if applicable).


If you’re intending to set up shop in one pub then it may be worth sending a trusted group member early to secure a good spot near the bar, with plenty of seats. The loose cannons among you may throw caution to the wind and just turn up; here’s a list of New Year's events in London that may tickle your fancy.

You might be going out in a town that none of you know, so do your research early and on the night. Party Earth can tell you about local events in the area, and of course Tinder might relieve you of the pressure of scrambling around to pull.

Facebook will keep you abreast of who’s out and about on the night and it will no doubt be tempting to post pictures as you progress, but this could be a disaster if the ‘wrong’ pictures and statuses find their way to your feed. If you’re terrified of your phone beeping away the next morning commenting on your picture of you dancing semi-naked with a girl then sites such as Webroot offer a Social Media Sobriety Test, which will prevent you from using your social media accounts if things get too lairy.

Last tip – don’t drive the next day, at all. No New Year’s Eve is worth losing your license.

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