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How to Stay Happy and Healthy in 2016

How to Stay Happy and Healthy in 2016


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Hyde Park - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Park in London.
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Nov 18, 2015 —  Happiness and health are never guaranteed. You can start 2016 though with a plan to stay as healthy throughout the rest of the year - the happiness should follow.

Health Checks

Make January 2016 the year that you go for a full health check. You may think that you eat sensibly and exercise, and consequently are not at risk from any major illness, but blood test results and a comprehensive medical might tell a different story. You should also make an appointment with your dentist, check your eyes, and why not ensure that your ears are healthy, just visit to find out more about hearing health.

General Well-being

An article in The Daily Mail suggests that happiness is the major factor in helping people live longer. The key is to learn how to reduce your stress levels during the year. You can’t remove all external gloom factors - it will probably still rain throughout most of the summer - but you can improve your own individual circumstances. The Mindfulness craze talks about enjoying the small things in life, and encourages taking some time out to smell the roses.

Why not walk to work, if possible, rather than negotiating regular traffic jams in your car? You could always use a bicycle. Walking and cycling are good for your health and you’ll be able to take in more of your environment before you reach the office.

Lists are Good

Make a list of what you don’t like in your life and consider how you can make changes in 2016. Instead of spending weekends slouched in front of the TV or playing computer games on your XBox, go out. Local cinemas and theatres usually have some wonderful entertainment, and it improves the imagination to venture outside the home. If there are things on your list that you can’t change, don’t worry, concentrate on the things that you can alter. Humans always feel more confident when they’re in control and if you make plans for change and see them through, then you’ll feel more of control of your life in 2016.

Good Food Makes You Happy and Healthy

We have to eat to survive, but it’s what we eat and drink that’s most important.

Try to steer clear of fattening fizzy drinks, and cut down your alcohol intake. It’s so embarrassing to see your drunken selfies on Facebook, hangovers are so last year and why do you feel the need to damage your liver with monotonous regularity. Opt for the foods that researchers say will make you happy. According to The Daily Mail strawberries, chocolate and pasta can improve your happiness. Try a few health-giving superfoods including blueberries, nuts and other goodies.

Become Involved

If you love sport and are a great armchair enthusiast, why not volunteer with a local sport’s activity in your area. You’ll get lots of exercise, you’ll start to feel healthier and you’ll definitely start feeling happier after spending part of the day with a team of lively children. Health and happiness in 2016 are attainable.

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