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How to Enjoy Festival Season on a Budget

How to Enjoy Festival Season on a Budget

Best UK Festivals

Glastonbury Festival

Every year in June

Glastonbury Festival - Arts Festival | Circus | Concert | DJ Event | Dance Festival | Music Festival in London.
Download Festival

Every year in June

Download Festival - Music Festival in London.
V Festival

Every year in August

V Festival - Music Festival | Festival in London.
Reading Festival

Every August Bank Holiday Weekend

Reading Festival - Music Festival in London.

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Jul 22, 2016 —  Festival season is in full swing with the likes of Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Parklife and Download already a distant memory. But it's far from over - with Boardmasters, V Festival, Creamfields, Bestival and a whole host of others still to look forward to.

Our love for these festivals seems to be growing. Glastonbury sold all 135,000 tickets for this year in just 30 minutes, as thousands more still desperately clicked 'refresh' in the hope of getting their virtual hands on a golden ticket. Then there are festivals such as Leefest that, in a matter of years, has gone from founder Lee Denny’s garden to being described as ‘the new Glastonbury’.

So, why do we love going to festivals…? Well, besides from the obvious – seeing all our favourite bands, as well as discovering new ones – they make us happy, unite us together in a way that nowhere else can and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have ever been to a music festival you won’t need much convincing, but there is actually research to back this up. A number of studies have shown that music has an effect on the mind and overall health of listeners – those who listen to upbeat music experience happier perceptions of life. So, imagine this feeling and then picture being surrounded by thousands of people who feel exactly the same!

But while it is obvious many of us love going to festivals – and would perhaps go to every single one if we had the time and money - they definitely aren’t cheap. The ticket alone will set you back a couple of hundred pounds, and then there are the transport costs, as well as food and drink each day, to consider on top of that.

However, you can get involved for a lot less time, money and effort by holding your very own festival party at home. Take V Festival for example; it is broadcast on TV so all you need to do is switch it on, get your friends round, pour the drinks and fire up the BBQ. The planning has already been done for you – take a look at and find out how you can bring the summer home.

If you're worried about whether it will be the same at home, it could actually be better! Did you see how much mud there was at Glastonbury? For starters you don’t have to worry about this – you don’t even have to go outside if you don’t want to.  Secondly, you can have a warm hot shower every night before sleeping in your own, comfy bed – although you could also pitch a tent in the garden and fill it with duvets and pillows, if you wish! You will save so much money – you could even buy a brand new 4K TV to watch it on, which will last you long after the festival has finished – and still have money leftover! Plus, you will have the perfect view of all your favorite bands, without someone standing in front of you and blocking the entire stage.

On top of these many benefits, you still get the advantages that come from being surrounded by friends and listening to your favourite upbeat music. You may find festival parties become a regular thing at your house – well, you have got the perfect TV to watch it on now!

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