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Partying in Florence: The Chicest Side of the City

Dancing all night at Central Park in Florence.

Dancing all night at Central Park in Florence.


Dolce Vita

Art Gallery / Bar / Wine Bar

Friends laughing at chilling by the bar at Dolce Vita in Florence.

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Jun 12, 2012 —  The Tuscan capital is an absolutely gorgeous city on all counts – from the shopping to the people to the beautiful architecture, Florence simply oozes style. In fact, Florentines have a passion for dressing well, and their innate sense of fashion is reflected in all the cute boutiques and upscale designer stores that fill every corner of the city.

As for the nightlife, Florence is a bit limited, though there are some chic bars that offer terrific aperitivo. And while a night of dancing at the outdoor summer clubs is entertaining, there just aren’t enough exclusive clubs to keep things exciting in the long run.

Besides, walking the cobblestone streets of Florence in high heels is hardly comfortable and usually results in a number of clumsy moments!

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