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Partying in Florence: The Alternative View of the City's Social Scene

Rocking out live at La Cite in Florence!

Rocking out live at La Cite in Florence!



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People drinking and chatting the night away at Cabiria in Florence.

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Jun 12, 2012 —  Florence’s piazza culture offers such a unique way of just chilling out and meeting new people. Since the young Italians here tend to be curious and extroverted, it’s quite easy to strike up casual conversations, an experience made even better by the open-air, artistically-inspiring environment.

There’s a particularly friendly scene in Piazza Santo Spirito, where warm evenings bring out alternative locals in droves to lounge at the square’s cafés or join in on the spontaneous jam sessions that often break out on the impressive steps of the basilica Santo Spirito.

While the lack of a solid music scene is a bit of a let-down, Florence does have some pretty decent jazz and music bars.

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