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Cielo Club - Club in Florence

Any good night in Florence begins with the time-honored aperitivo tradition followed by hanging out at bars around the piazzas, but when it’s time to dance, the clubs in Florence is where the party-craving kids flirt and mingle till morning.

The biggest party scene centers around Piazza Santa Croce, where late night clubs fill up with the young and restless from all over the city. Much of the club culture in Florence is strongly influenced by the influx of study abroad international students who flood into the city from September to June and fuel the handful of dance-crazy clubs throughout town.

Although the high-end scene is less prevalent here than in other European cities, there are still plenty of hot Florence clubs where ladies in sky-high heels and mini-skirts grind with dapperly dressed guys while the masses wait in line, hoping the burly doormen will grant them entry.

Students may dominate the majority of the nightlife in Florence, but there are still other options as well with really cool jazz clubs playing to musically appreciative crowds.

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