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Van Halen - Jump (HQ music video)
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Van Halen - Jump (HQ music video) 6,980,075 views
Van Halen - Panama (Music Video) 2,276,705 views
Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo 2012 Live at the LA Forum 235,847 views
Van Halen - You Really Got Me 3,340,631 views
Craziest Eddie Van Halen solo ever! 1,321,000 views
Van Halen - Hot For Teacher 93,044 views
Van halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 2,245,515 views
Van Halen Unchained Live Montreal 2012 HD 1080P 43,470 views
Van Halen - Dreams (Blue Angels Version) 819,224 views
Van Halen-Right now 577,171 views
Van Halen - When It's Love (music video) HD 2,193,532 views

Van Halen User Comments

Sandy S. Oct 4, 2012
Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth are two of my favorite band musicians irrespective of what is said about them now. Everytime I listen to them its like it takes me back to a utopian world. Even to this day I have still have their first album "Van Halen" playing in my car which is wayyy better than all the modern rock artists today. Unfortunately I was not able to catch them live (which is my biggest regrets) but I still hope that I can see the gang pull off one final performance for the millions who have grown up to their music. I count "Ain't talkin about love" as one of my favorite songs among a host of others but this definitely is on the top of my charts. I just wish that some things could have been done better like all the band members getting together at the time when they were inducted to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Music but that said they are a part of American rock and roll history. I feel sorry for the new generation that they will never get to experience Van Halen they way I did and continue to do.
Danny M. Sep 19, 2012
Van Halen were 80’s hair metal studs with David Lee Roth, then guitar power pop stars with Sammy Lee Hagar…I used to love them. They were on the top of their game in the 80’s but I went to see them at the Staples Center in LA in June for a bit of nostalgia...was really looking forward to Hot for Teacher, Everybody Wants Some, Jump, and Panama. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. As an overall show the concert was brutal and sad to watch what was once an amazing band. The Van Halens sounded great...great guitars, drums, and backup vocals...but David Lee Roth was extremely disappointing. When the show first started I thought there was a problem with the sound mix...but turns out the problem was DLR's vocals...unfortunately he just doesn't have it anymore and it seemed like they intentionally drowned him out by turning up the guitars or turning down his mic. Eddie's solo toward the end of the show was amazing and easily the highlight of the night...showcasing his guitar god status. The crowd at any concert is usually a sign of how well the band is doing on stage...and unfortunately this crowd was not into it at all. I wish DLR still had the chops that Eddie does. I would be surprised if these guys ever go on tour again with DLR out front.

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