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Thrice - Stare At The Sun
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Thrice - Stare At The Sun 1,474,216 views
Thrice - Image Of The Invisible 937,656 views
Thrice - "Digital Sea" [Official Video] 406,550 views
Thrice - Music Box 375,555 views
Thrice - "In Exile" [Official Video] 156,660 views
Thrice - Come All You Weary 255,428 views

Thrice User Comments

Skylar H. Aug 13, 2013
Thrice is currently on hiatus, but I'll always hold their breakthrough 2003 album The Artist In The Ambulance as one of the best albums from my the early 2000s that I can still put on any day and love. The group combined the edginess of hardcore with fantastic songwriting and memorable melodies, to create an album that was very grandiose to my teenage ears and thus got tons of play in my stereo. The group underwent several stylistic changes over their career and seemed to always be looking for something new to present their audience. I drifted apart from Thrice after I began venturing into other genres, and haven't followed them for a while now, but I'll always have the same affinity towards their work thanks to the many many hours I spent listening to them as a teenager!

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