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Johnny D. May 19, 2013
Stars - The North Album Review The North is a tightly-made album that, on a whole, is is pleasant to listen to, but doesn’t ever reach memorable. Since Night Songs came out ten years ago, each subsequent album from the band has been better than the last, with The Five Ghosts, released two years ago, being my favorite. While The North doesn’t continue that trend, it is different from their previous albums, being much more upbeat and happy-sounding. Rating: 6.5/10 1. The Theory of Relativity 
The first track of the album is definitely one of the catchiest ones, which is good because the lyrics don’t quite make sense. They sound like they do, but you can’t quite wrap your head around the ideas; something a bit similar can be said for the sound of the record itself.
But it’s a song you can really dance to, and it sounds different than anything they’ve ever released. From the beginning, production quality is excellent and remains so till the end. 2. Backlines
 Again, this song is catchy for sure but never really goes anywhere. But this track probably wasn’t recorded for its depth anyway, since it’s only two minutes long. Still, it carries a lot of momentum to the third track, and the lyrics are more coherent than “The Theory of Relativity.” 3. The North
 The lyrics of the title track of “The North” consolidate a quality that’s more mysterious rather than shallow. 4. Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It This song still maintains the upbeat atmosphere “The Theory of Relativity” started, but it sounds more like classics such as “Dead Hearts” or “Take Me To The Riot” than the previous tracks did. Amy’s vocals sound amazing here, and though they are also sampled, she sounds great live. 5. Through The Mines
 If Torquil wrote this album hoping we’d dance to it, Through The Mines was definitely meant to be saved for a slow dance. Amy continues to showcase her unique, flutish voice while Torquil’s voice remains silent here. 6. Do You Want To Die Together? 
Despite the title, the track remains true to the album’s intended upbeatness and somewhat peppy sound. Torquil and Amy take turns on verses and then sing a pretty generic chorus together. 7. Lights Changing Colors 
It’s a seamless transition from the end of the last song to “Lights Changing Colors.” A lovely electric guitar sound calmly, steadily plays rhythms while nice-sounding pads and synths are layered in the background. It’s definitely more synth-based than the other tracks, but it just sounds better musically as well. 
And despite its happy sound and intentions, Torquil still can’t resist sneaking in his trademark bittersweet lines. “Some people want it when you’ve got in your pocket And they leave you if there’s nothing left. When you find that the ones that keep you lifted Love them cause they keep you out of your head.” — Stars, “Lights Changing Colorur” (2012) 8. The Loose Ends Will Make Knots 
I love the name of this track; it’s very unassuming but really powerful in its simplicity. As for the song itself, its sound too is powered by a lot of synths, and the vocals are mixed with a slightly tape recorder-esque quality effect. 9. A Song Is A Weapon 
The lyrics in this one can actually be quite dark if interpreted in such a way, and very romantic if interpreted in another, depending on if you want to see the “song” as a metaphor or not, and what. “I can only hope to kill you with a song I’ve one shot to kill you with a song.” —Stars, “A Song Is A Weapon” (2012) 
10. Progress
 Stars has spent ten years working on synth-based rock songs with electropop-esque and many other qualities borrowing from other genres, and the experience shows in every song, no matter if they’re fairly forgettable, which this song certainly is. 11. The 400
 The second act of the album definitely takes on a more somber, traditional Stars-style sound and certainly feels less like dancing at a club in a crowd full of people and more like dancing at home with a lover.
 ”The 400” is a great track, but it’s the second-to-last track, on an album that felt much too short and kind of underwhelming. It was three or four songs back, I think, when Torquil got tired of writing happy songs, and “The 400” already feels like the end of an album. 12. Walls 
The sound is definitely more focused in the lower region, but is still very well-balanced and makes the song fit in more with traditional dance songs, although this song might be a little too repetitive even for dance music fans. Rating: 6.5/10

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