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Soulive - El Ron
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Soulive - El Ron 5,329 views
Sam Kininger - Soulive - live - alto sax - funk - "Right On" 284,974 views
Soulive 152,138 views
Soulive - Mary live 80,890 views
Soulive - Turn it Out 70,814 views
Soulive performing Tuesday Nights Squad from Allgood 2004 58,851 views
SOULIVE - steppin' 57,597 views
Soulive - "Vapor" Live 39,865 views
Soulive - Highlights from Highline Ballroom show (12/29/08) 10,778 views

Soulive User Comments

Amir S. Apr 6, 2013
These guys just and simply, cool. Seriously, even the picture radiates that certain aura of funky smooth-as-ice jazz fusion - a sound unique to Soulive. I highly recommend seeing them at a smaller and more personal venue where you can actually notice the hilariously soulful faces of Eric Krasno, the stray furls of Alan Evan's massive afro, and the amazing synchronicity of Neal Evan's hands (as he simultaneously plays two keyboards among his staggered set of at least three and sometimes four). And though bands playing covers may not be your cup of tea, Soulive covers are a statement in themselves. This is mainly a testament to 'Rubber Soulive' a full album instrumental cover of The Beatles' Rubber Soul album - which we should all be familiar with. Additionally, you may even end up hearing bits of masterful songs by Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd within the jazzy groove slowly established throughout the show. However, all this is not to say that their own music is a lackey for these aforementioned big names. In fact, it would seem it is the other way around. People totally moving to original Soulive sound are then noticeably surprised to hear instrumentalized snippets of this universally understood music - delivering an additional bit of pleasant spice to the atmosphere. I give Soulive my Michelin star in musical entertainment, and wish all jazz and funk enthusiasts luck in securing that front row seat - because the experience is truly meant to be soulfully live as the name would suggest.
Skylar H. Feb 15, 2013
Soulive has developed a lot over the years in terms of who they work with (singers, saxophonists, etc.) but to me, all the group really needs to blow you away is its core trio of Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, and Alan Evans. The groove these guys can throw down is incredible. Try listening to a track like "El Ron" (a personal favorite) without wanting to tap your foot and get deep into the feeling of the music with a wide smile on your face as Eric cranks out an amazing solo while Neal plugs along with the throbbing Hammond organ, and Alan jams with the uptempo funk groove. This is a group I would LOVE to see live -- I could listen to them play for hours, even if it was just a jam session. Plus, with the variety of performers on vocals and other jazz instruments that they incorporate into their show, you know you're in for a phenomenal jazz-funk show from a few contemporary masters in the genre.

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