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Refused - "New Noise" Burning Heart Records
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Refused - "New Noise" Burning Heart Records 1,840,585 views
Refused - Rather be dead 122,286 views
Refused - Refused are Fucking Dead (Secret reunion show in Umeå 29. February 2012) 14,723 views
REFUSED - NEW NOISE LIVE 508,834 views
Refused - Refused Are Fuckin Dead (Original Version) 48,602 views
Refused - Liberation Frequency (Coachella,Indio CA 4/13/12) 13,368 views
Refused - Rather Be Dead live @ Debaser Medis 2012-03-30 (1080p) 11,318 views

Refused User Comments

Nikki L. Oct 25, 2012
How can you not love Refused? They are die-hard, outspoken, Swedish anti-capitalists who just started touring together again recently. It's a super treat to be able to see them live, not to mention seeing them in the US. The music is angry, punk-y, and has crazy messages about revolution, corruption, and "the system." This may seem like standard screamo fodder, but seeing any live show clips or an interview will completely scrub your mind of the comparison. Refused are smart. They genuinely mean the things they write about, and they can express those same ideas intellectually in their concert banter or in conversation. Even in their non-native language of English. It makes for an amazing show, and I feel really lucky to have seen and heard them live. Their next show (11/05/2012) is at the Fonda, one of my favorite venues. And I hope it sells out!

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