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Nero - Promises
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Nero - Promises 8,401,057 views
Nero - Me And You - Full Official Video (MTA Records) 4,795,103 views
Nero - Crush On You 5,314,679 views
Nero - Guilt - Full Official Video (MTA Records) 2,861,658 views
Nero - Innocence 7,234,257 views
Nero - Welcome Reality (Exclusive Album Mix) 620,570 views
Nero - Requiem 631,678 views

Nero User Comments

Natalie M. Oct 25, 2012
Nero is GREAT live, and when I say live I mean like when their name on the roster appears as Nero (Live). For those of you who do not know what that means, in the electro world it means that these DJs will only play songs they have produced themselves (and other DJs' remixes of their songs) rather than playing a full-on eclectic mix. For certain DJs, this also means they have their vocalist or live instruments present. In Nero's case, Alana is the game-changer you get when you see them live. Alana has a kick-ass and extremely recognizable voice; she sings on Nero's biggest hits like Promises and her voice seems to go any and everywhere when Nero wishes. I saw them at Hard Summer and the sound actually went out in a very awkward experience for her; she very sweetly said "Oh f*** I'm so sorry guys, I don't know wha's happening" in her cute British accent and we all forgave them. Really great show despite its early end and my inability to see anything at my height, because I could hear her flawless voice carrying across the festival. Aside from that, Nero has super sick beats; check out their essential mix for a really awesome mix of dub, electro, trance and hip hop.

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