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James Taylor Videos

James Taylor - Fire and Rain (Beacon Theatre)
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James Taylor - Fire and Rain (Beacon Theatre) 3,084,502 views
James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind 1,070,161 views
James Taylor - "Fire & Rain" 1,926,328 views
James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got a Friend (HQ) (Uploaded by Tornike Ivanishvili) 3,385,966 views
james taylor-copperline 363,379 views
James Taylor - "Carolina in My Mind " 710,928 views
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James (Live: BBC - 1970) 650,804 views
James Taylor - How Sweet It Is 1979 222,248 views

James Taylor User Comments

Casey P. Jul 22, 2013
It doesn't matter how old you are, what type of music you prefer, or even how well you can hear - you have to admit, the man can perform. I've grown up listening to James Taylor, a musician of my parents' generation. Not only can the guy sing - he can play. Damn, can he play. It's been said that his style of guitar is in a category of its own - it's incredibly difficult to replicate, and honestly, I've never heard anyone come anywhere close. James cleverly mixes rock and country, in a soothing, soulful way. I've seen him live twice, and both times he performed all of his classics, with additional covers of other artists. He chooses fantastic special guests - YoYo Ma, Taylor Swift, Carol King - and does the most perfect duets with them. You can tell from his performances that he is a kind man, a good friend, and a great artist. If James Taylor is coming your way, be sure to get a ticket and get ready for one of the best concerts you'll ever see.
Nicole C. Oct 3, 2012
I never tire of seeing James Taylor. The first time I saw James Taylor was in 1998. Thirteen years later I was seeing him for the fifth time, and at no point have any of those concerts disappointed. This past July, I saw Taylor at Red Rocks Ampitheater. Despite forecasts and a downpour of rain it was a wonderful evening. He is still quite an entertainer and absolutely hilarious when he takes time to interact with the audience in between songs. If he came back tomorrow, I would gladly pay the money to go see him again. In fact I would jump for joy and run around screaming like a little girl! If you haven’t ever had the pleasure to witness him perform live, do yourself a favor and go next time he’s somewhere near you. It’s totally worth it.

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