Jake Bugg

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Jake Bugg
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Jake Bugg Videos

Jake Bugg - Lightning Bolt - Official Video
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Jake Bugg - Lightning Bolt - Official Video 1,394,569 views
Jake Bugg - Two Fingers 1,092,466 views
Jake Bugg - Someone Told Me (Acoustic) 370,428 views
Jake Bugg - Country Song 377,900 views
Jake Bugg - Trouble Town 595,923 views
Jake Bugg - Saffron, Something Wrong & Love Me the Way You Do 245,395 views
Jake Bugg - Taste It 540,079 views

Jake Bugg User Comments

Karianne R. May 29, 2013
I saw Jake Bugg perform at a cozy little burlesque bar in the West Village and the small, intimate setting matched perfectly with the artist, who seemed very humble and sincere. Unlike some performers, he didn't show up on stage excessively late or with flashy effects and back up dancers. All he had was a microphone, his guitar, and his voice to captivate his audience. And that was enough. With a raw, unique voice and insightful lyrics, his music was reminiscent of The Beatles or Bob Dylan and had a fresh, indie feel to it. But what stood out the most was his stage presence. He is of course very young and seemed a bit shy and nervous at times, but it was actually rather endearing. Most surprising of all was his modesty. Whenever people would cheer or applaud him he looked a little uncomfortable at all the attention, and he seemed like he legitimately appreciated and valued his fans and respected their time. All in all I'd say that while his music is certainly a breath of fresh air, his personality added to the experience as well. Not only did he seem like a talented musician, but he also seemed like a good, relatable, down to earth human being.
Brett C. May 17, 2013
With a sound beyond his years, 19 year old Jake Bugg is a throwback. His music would be right at home at Monterey Pop or Newport Folk in the 60s with his simple arrangements and imperfect voice, and his strong lyrics convey life growing up in a small town in England and the longing that he felt to get out. His single “Two Fingers” is the kind of infectious earworm that will stay with you for days, and, with “Lightning Bolt” being appropriately featured in Gatorade commercials, Jake’s star is only beginning to shine. Bugg has an authentic and enjoyable live sound highlighted by his unique voice, but his stage presence could use some work; I’m sure his experience on the festival circuit this summer will go a long way in that regard.

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