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Herbie Hancock
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Herbie Hancock - Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island
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Herbie Hancock - Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island 4,241,355 views
Herbie Hancock "Watermelon Man" 1,642,256 views
Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (Live) 1,698,873 views
herbie hancock cameleon live 1975 1,155,557 views
Herbie Hancock - Rock It LIVE 889,492 views
Miles Davis - Herbie Hancock - Wayne Shorter - Ron Carter - 948,237 views

Herbie Hancock User Comments

Skylar H. Apr 4, 2013
You'd be hard-pressed to find an artist whose career has been as varied, prolific, and successful as Herbie Hancock's. Herbie is a complete legend for his accomplishments, and for his contributions to jazz -- his music, songwriting, and influence can be traced through the eras. Starting as a session player for Blue Note in the early 60s, Herbie soon was releasing his own albums as a frontman, starting with traditional jazz of the early 60s, to the more free-flowing jazz of the late 60s, through experimental and electronic funk phases in the early 70s, to disco-esque material in the late 70s, and even to electro and hip-hop in the 1980s. Herbie has grown along with the natural progression of music, and released albums at the top of their respective genres. It's hard even to choose which area he was more influential in -- certainly he was a pioneer of incorporating synthesizers into his music, but he also dropped the all-time jazz classics Maiden Voyage and Empyrean Isles, which are mentioned in the same breath as Miles' Kind Of Blue and Coltrane's A Love Supreme as must-haves... and "Rockit" is a breakdance classic! I could keep going... all of Herbie's music is wonderful. Super glad to see he is still well and performing around the world.

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