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E-40 Feat. Too Short "Bitch Feat" / "Over The Stove" Official Music Video
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E-40 Feat. Too Short "Bitch Feat" / "Over The Stove" Official Music Video 2,718,829 views
NEW MUSIC VIDEO E-40 "My Shit Bang" 1,788,469 views
E-40 featuring Fabolous - Automatic ft. Fabolous 751,965 views
E-40 featuring Nate Dogg - Nah, Nah... ft. Nate Dogg 1,097,428 views
E-40 - "The Weed Man" (Official HD Video) (Feat. Stresmatic) 668,728 views
E-40 featuring Suga-T - Sprinkle Me ft. Suga T 724,704 views
NEW MUSIC VIDEO E-40 "Fuck Em" 223,498 views
E-40- "My Lil Grimey Nigga" Feat. Stressmatic (Official Video) 309,609 views

E-40 User Comments

Natalie M. Oct 17, 2012
Ahhh the Yay Area days. I miss them. I was a big Hyphy music fan back in the day, and saw E-40 at Boo Bomb in the Bay Area as well as at Ackerman at UCLA a couple of years ago. He's a pretty awesome performer; particularly when I saw him up close at Ackerman, I realized he is absolutely gigantic. Larger than life. And his voice is really like that! Something I admire in rappers is their ability to do all the vocal inflections they do in the studio (since it's actually rare) and he's got that down pat. Unfortunately his weight tends to limit him as he gets really tired and sweaty and starts to huff and puff, but his posse's got his back and they fill in verses for him when he needs to take a breather. Love all his songs and I get stoked whenever he comes out with a new one; "We In This Thang Bruh" has become an instant classic amongst my friends and I. He has a knack for creating sayings that apply to nothing and everything at the same time, like "Tell Me When To Go." I hope to have the opportunity to see him again.

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