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Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up
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Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up 33,394,044 views
Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me 19,794,299 views
Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music 37,058,886 views
Chris Brown feat. Kevin McCall - Strip 9,622,626 views
Pitbull - International Love ft. Chris Brown 48,576,611 views
Chris Brown - Next To You ft. Justin Bieber 50,717,448 views
Chris Brown - She Ain't You 425,915 views
Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes 32,871,881 views
Chris Brown - No Bullshit 3,716,663 views
Chris Brown - Forever 69,065,276 views
Chris Brown featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall - Deuces 16,450,153 views
Chris Brown - Wall To Wall 32,788,887 views
Chris Brown - Yeah 3x 35,306,325 views
Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss 80,541,259 views

Chris Brown User Comments

Matt B. Jul 5, 2013
Ebisiemen A. Jul 3, 2013
CHRIS BROWN F.A.M.E REVIEW: BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: I absolutely love this song man, mostly for his vocals and how well he sings on the beat. I particularly love the fact he sings in a deeper voice because its not typical Chris, yet he manages to do it so well, singing ‘beautiful people, beautiful people’. This has definitely got to be a song I like for all aspects, the beat, his vocals, the lyrics and the music video (which can be watched on Rap Up tv).This is a certified club banger and I can see myself being one of the crazy fans jumping up like the crowd shots seen in the video. My love for the lyrics is heightened by the way in which he delivers them vocally. The ‘Don’t let em bring you down, nooo, the beauty is inside you’ lyric is a prime example of this.’ I love the constant switch up in the beat, as it slowly progresses and gets higher and louder at the same time. Now I will not lie. My love for this song is highly influenced by the music video as well. Why? because I am a self-confessed sucker for celebrity cameos. I love the self gratification of knowing every single one of the celebrities that appear in the video. And yes I am the annoying friend that points them all out, loud and clear, name by name whilst the video goes on. Cameos from the likes of Pharell, Bow Wow, Tyga, P.Diddy, Nelly, Ryan Leslie, Timbaland, Omarion , Brandy and the one I loved T-Pain. I loved his nerdy dancing. But is it just me, the second time T-Pain was dancing and Chris Brown was next to him, did Chris Brown not look like he was pretending to find it funnier than he actually did? Just saying, look again and you will know what I mean. I loved the shot of the studio, megacool. So overall. This song gets a rounded 5/5. [OLD REVIEW]
Ebisiemen A. Jul 3, 2013
CHRIS BROWN F.A.M.E REVIEW PAPER SCISSORS ROCK: I love this tune, definitely a tune I can keep on repeat. I love the smoothness the piano keys in the background add to the song and Timbaland’s intro. I love Chris Browns vocals especially the ‘paper scissor rock’ bit. However, his voice in this track at points sounds too digitally altered with all those synths. Nevertheless, this song is a tune. I love how Big Sean adds character to the beat as he is a very clownish and chillaxed rapper. I love this song for the whole story being told through the lyrics. I particularly love Big Sean’s play on words in the line, ‘put that rock upon your finger, paper your hands, but you cant cut me out, b**ch this ain’t no game.’ And Timbalands vivid description of how frustrating love can be ‘blowing up my heart then stick a pen and pop pop pop’ a truly frustrated homosapien. I love the bluntness in ‘listen girl, you acting like an idiot, I’m really tryna love you, but its getting hard’ and ‘well, I can take you back to the spot you was, make you return my paper, scissors, rock, rock, rock’. All in all this is a tune and I see a good music video coming out for this, if they release one. So methinks this is a 4/5.
Ebisiemen A. Jul 3, 2013
CHRIS BROWN F.A.M.E REVIEW: TRACK: NEXT TO YOU- Now Justin Bieber, I always forget how to spell his last name, I go along with the rhyme ‘I before E except after C’ so I apologise to any diehard Bieber fans and Bieber if YOU do indeed read this one day, people spell my name wrong all the time too. Now I won’t even ask, because I know its not only me that doesn’t know why Justin Bieber was even on this track. It was almost like he was the annoying backing vocalist particularly because his voice and Chris Browns’ do not blend well in melody. There were points I felt Chris Brown’s voice just overpowered his. But he’s still a young one and has some voice made evident in the execution of his runs and riffs. However, he committed the most unforgivable crime, he echoed a riff with Chris Brown without any harmony. That bugged the life out of me, I hate it when people riff together in a duet and don’t harmonise its plain annoying and monotonous. But enough of Bieber bashing, why am I acting like it was all his fault. I apologise, once again. One thing I do love about this song are some of the lyrics, although I think Beibers unnecessary presence turned what could have potentially been an explicit or PG song into a U song; which I don’t consider a bad thing, it brought some purity to the lyrics, but also some sappiness and immaturity as well. I like the line ‘I pray to God everyday, That I’ll be standing right next to you’, then what I call the superman complex that I reckon has affected most if not all boys in their early years, the belief that the sky will one day fall and they will be appropriately positioned near the girl of their dreams, portrayed in the lines ‘one day when the sky is falling’, the sappiness I deplore. I love the bridge, but yet again this song could potentially become annoying, so I suggest just sit back reminisce and don't listen to it again, until you’ve listened to a sufficient amount of songs to make you want to listen to it again. So rating 3.5/5
Gabe L. Aug 15, 2012
I go back and forth with how I feel about Chris Brown. I don't appreciate how often he lip-synchs. Almost every award show I see him on he lip-synchs, and when he sings live he is not very good. He is a great dancer, though, so I will give him that. I really like the songs "Take You Down," "Turn Up the Music," and "Look At Me Now." Hopefully I will be able to see him in concert sometime soon. I also noticed he likes to rip off others frequently. His song "With You," sounds like a rejected version of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable." And his electronic songs also sound like lazy b-cuts. Nevertheless, I find him entertaining, and think it shows a lot about his work ethic to regain popularity after his whole incident with Rihanna.

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