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Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
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Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch 18,408,600 views
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close 28,728,393 views
Calvin Harris - I´m Not Alone 7,367,970 views
Calvin Harris - Bounce ft. Kelis 20,846,261 views
calvin harris ibiza rocks hotel 6/7/2010 part 3 2,439 views
Calvin Harris playing Awooga @ Beyond Wonderland 2011 HD 9,788 views
Calvin Harris plays One / You Used to Hold Me / Bonkers Live @ Stereosonic Brisbane 5/12/10 (HD) 2,342 views

Calvin Harris User Comments

Lauren R. Jun 26, 2013
I finally saw Calvin Harris recently at Firefly (which is, hands down, the best music festival you can ever go to and I highly suggest everyone look into it for next year), and I now see what everyone was always ranting on about him. Now, I am a mild fan of his, use his songs more to help me pump through my workout - don't listen to them regularly, so I was somewhat interested in seeing him perform when his time came on. And let me tell you, his performance was one of my favorite of the whole festival. I'm not one to like being in large crowds when people go insane and start to jump and dance, I'm not much of a dancer, but I found myself to be jumping, twisting, and shouting along throughout the entire thing. The vibe of the audience was great and I now constantly find myself to be listening to his songs and can't wait to see him again!
Maddie V. May 1, 2013
I have seen Calvin several times, and followed up each time with "best night of my life." Unlike some DJs who only like to play or promote new music, Calvin plays exactly what the crowd wants to hear and avoids the BS. Always a great crowd filled with mainstream people looking to party, but not in a creepy half-naked rave child type of way. His songs are catchy and make girls go nuts, which always brings good vibes to a show. If the opportunity presents itself, definitely don't miss out on seeing him live!
Natalie M. Oct 24, 2012
Oh Calvin, you got it goin on. I'm not really into his newer stuff because he produces with artists I hate like Rihanna, but his older stuff when he used to sing on his own tracks is so dope. I love Used To Hold Me, Flashback, The Rain, Ready for the Weekend, and I'm Not Alone. He is also such a treat to see live, he plays a wide variety of styles and will slip in little bits of his own songs but just enough to leave you wanting more, and then he moves on to the next beat. This is great for someone like me with song ADD.
Samuel H. Oct 13, 2012
Calvin Harris is undoubtedly one of the best DJs out there. And I'm not just saying that because we have the same last name, and that people jokingly call me that because I DJ my fraternity's parties. He actually is amazing. You have likely heard his song "We Found Love" with Rihanna, but some other songs to check out include "Bounce", "Let's Go feat. Neyo", and "Feel So Close." Also, if you find get the chance to see him live, make sure to do it!
Gabe L. Aug 15, 2012
I saw Calvin at Amnesia in Ibiza. Although he did not come on until 3 am, his concert was epic. I had no idea a club could have a production like that, and the music he played simply brought joy to everyone around him. I remember I first heard of him in high school, when he was a singer. I enjoyed his songs such as "Acceptable in the 80s" and "Girls." I guess he wasn't too successful at singing, because he turned to DJing. ALthough a lot of his songs sound exactly the same to me (Rihanna's "We Found Love" and Cheryl Cole's "Call My Name") his beats are catchy and fun to dance to. He is definitely worth seeing live

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