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Ben Folds Tiny Dancer
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Ben Folds Tiny Dancer 16,544 views
Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit live in Nasvhille 1,096,139 views
Ben Folds - Landed 816,276 views
Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me ft. Regina Spektor 710,495 views
Ben Folds live in Berlin - Rock This Bitch In Berlin 140,860 views
Ben Folds Five - Philosophy (Live on Jools Holland) 119,859 views
Army - Ben Folds live in Nashville 98,452 views
Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs 657,232 views
Ben Folds - Myspace Gig - Such Great Heights 304,574 views
Ben Folds w/ WASO - Narcolepsy 45,618 views
Ben Folds - Hiroshima 50,675 views

Ben Folds User Comments

Nikki L. Feb 8, 2013
I think Ben Folds is adorable. He has a really unique and pleasant singing voice, and his lyrics prove thoughtful, intimate and sometimes quite funny. It's not necessarily happy music by any means, but it's beautiful in its simplicity. His duet with Regina Spektor is perfection. Their styles are made for each other -- perfect complement. He's also obviously a talented pianist. In his work with Ben Folds Five, as well. The difference, honestly, is slim in my opinion, but having a full band certainly offers up some great options for complex orchestration and more intricate music in general.
PartyEarth Q. Sep 14, 2012
test ben folds

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